Monday, November 14, 2011

Garage Sale Jackpot

Ok, so its been established that I like Garage Sales (aka. I live for the hunt). I never really know what Im looking for when I go, but I always seem to find something with some sort of story...

Enter this past weekend.

Chris and I get up early on Saturday, as we usually do, to hit our "route". (That sentence culminates our marriage... whatever, we're awesome) After not really finding much at first, we get a little discouraged and think "this maybe the weekend we get nothing" and made sad frownie faces.

We are about to head back home, when we see a VERY little sign saying "HUGE garage sale" written in what I believe was pencil. After driving by it once without seeing it (they had their sale in their back garage), we pull up to a sorta creepie duplex. However, as soon as we walk up the driveway, I see a guy loading a pretty lookin' china cabinet into his truck and whisper to Chris "OMG i hope there is more things like that left!"

As we walk in the back, my eye immediately hits this little beauty.

Solid Maple, drawers worked, and oddly filled with the most yarn I had ever seen outside of a Joann's, but cute! Chris and I start to play the "how much would YOU pay for this?" game and thinking how much it would cost to sand, repaint, buy new knobs, etc and land around the $30-$40 range.... giving my self a little haggle room since it IS missing a knob and all.

Asking price???? ....$5....

Wha? What? Seriously... FIVE dollars? as in ONE Lincoln? FIVE Washington's? thats it?!

I tried to give my best "im not surprised... maybe that seems reasonable" poker face but I think the high five I gave to Chris may have given it away.

SOLD... for $5.

As I start to look around for more (who knows WHAT you can find at a $5 garage sale), the lady said they also had another one in the garage, a little dirty, but it's also $5 if we wanted it...

They said they had the missing drawer and I was sold... again... for $5.

As I talked to the lady holding this ADORABLE little red head baby a little more, she said all the stuff they had was from her blind grandmother's house and they were just looking to get rid of everything since I guess she was a sort of pack-rat (which made sense of all the yarn in the first dresser). As she put it "she made the show Hoarders look tame". OMG i want to see this house.

As if he read my mind, her husband came over and explained that there was actually MORE in the house (about 45 minutes North of Dallas) and he would gladly take picture with his cell phone to see if we wanted any of it... ... I had to resist giving this stranger/my-new-best-friend a hug.

For the rest of the day, it was like Christmas, except in cell phone form... first one was this desk for $10.Ohhhh the things I'm giong to do... sand it down, paint it a funky color (I dont know why but Im getting either a yellow or teal vibe), and get it some awesome new drawer pulls.

And then this awesomely random phonograph case for $20 (which is a little high, but I definitely think has the most potential). Seriously, how cool and different is THAT?! Im thinking of turning it into towel storage... just perfect for all the little cubbies.

Next was this big boy blue for $5...

Its seriously calling me to paint it navy then give it some white racing stripes down the front (Chris's idea... way to go hunny!)

I started working on this one yesterday and have to go and get some new rollers from Home Depot, but Im totally pysched about my finds...

All that for $45?! It just goes to show that you never know what you'll find... you just gotta look!

Does anyone have any ideas for colors or patterns for any of the above? Im also working on my desk that I found at the estate sale a while back HERE and will hopefully have finished pictures up tomorrow or a little later this week.



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