Monday, January 16, 2012

Blinds, Drapes, Occasional Table, OH MY!!!

**For those of you coming over from a link party, the Burlap furniture make over is more towards the bottom of this post... its here, I promise ;-)***

Im a bad blogger... I'm sorry I have been so absent over the past month or so but between getting married (yay), Christmas in Arizona, New Years at the Lake (setting stuff on fire... dont worry, it wasnt the forest, promise), and my job in super-super full swing, the house has taken somewhat of a back seat.

However, the good news is that we are still making tiny renovations that are really TOTAL improvements...

Take our sad little dining room for example....
Yea.... the windows are super grosso...

This one... is yellow...
These blinds, Rocky tore down when he was very concerned about the neighbors dog possibly attacking our house from 150 ft away...

Rocky also wrecked the lower 3rd of these blinds when children DARED to be playing outside, so they dont even shut all the way...
Needless to say, this whole room was looking a little harsh...

So I paid big money to hire a hot guy to fix em...
And by "hired" I mean "married"...

So Chris went to Lowe's and got some AWESOME 2" wood blinds... I have no idea how to install them.. but luckily Chris did...
See! PRETTY!!!

Here's the full room... all fixed up...

And shut...

And a close up... because they are pretty
(and it was after saying "ohhh", "ahhh", and "work it" while taking pictures of my new blinds, did Chris ask how "permanent" marriage really is...)

A couple days later, still admiring Chris's handy work, I wanted to add a little something-something to my new pimped out blinds...

Drapes... from Z Gallerie
And I love them... mostly cause I installed them myself... (please mentally insert a picture of me standing on a chair and guestimating how high and even the rod should be... also insert %&*^$# signs for every time I cursed having to redo it)
But they are pretty... and Im a big fan of dimensions/shape in fabric... I think it gives the room a little depth.
I know that was only 4 pictures (that I forgot to edit, so everything looks yellow... its not in real life... i promise) but that hanging experience was a good 2-3 hours of my life... if you ever come by the house, please comment about how awesome they look...about 100x over... humor me, Im getting old and little things impress me)

I did all this while Chris was out of town for work, so on Saturday when I had nothing to do except clean the house (which i was definitely NOT going to do) I ran over to Goodwill looking for nothing in particular....

And found this hunka-hunka of wooden glory...
Seriously, when was the last time anyone saw a hexagon occasional table? You dont... they dont exist... they are like magic unicorns of the furniture world...rare and exotic... especially ones made out of solid wood, not just plywood...

$10 later, he was mine (yes, its a "he")

So I put him in the car, wrapped him in a seat belt (he was too big to fit in the back of Chris's car, so DUH he needed a seat belt) and set up shop in the back yard
I knew right off the bat I wanted to turn to my trusty Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint for the hardware, so I began stripping him down...
It's naked time!!! (bonus points if you can name that movie)
Now that all the hardware was gone, I turned my attention to the part that made me buy the piece in the first place... a re
movable back
Yes, this part is just plyboard, but I definitely have plans for this later...

Unfortunately, due to the years of wear and tear (and Im sure the VERY nice people at the Goodwill), my poor little boy had a broken foot.Awww sad face....
But since Chris seems to have absolutely EVERYTHING in our garage, I found this stuff and went to it... Totally guessing as I went along.
I was actually so proud of myself for fixing the foot, jumping up and down, giving my self high fives, that I forgot to take a picture of it all fixed... please imagine the best looking leg you have ever seen, then picture it on this table, and thats what it looked like...

After I gave the whole sucker two coats of sweet-lovin' primer, I painted my boy Swiss Coffee because goodness knows I like me some white... .... .... on furniture... ... ... ... im not racist....)
While that dried, I turned my attention to the removable back panels. I knew I was going to cover them in some extra burlap I had, but gave them a quick coat of white just to make sure it would still look classy in case some peaked through.
I then whipped out my favorite electric toy... my Power Shot Pro Stapler (get your mind out of the gutter)... and began to wrap it up.
See... not too shabby.
I rescrewed the panel back into place and flipped it over....
ohhhhh yea.....

What do both doors look like?... awesomeness times two

If you notice from a couple pictures up, the top of the table had this awesome hexagon outline to it.

Keeping with the burlap theme, I thought it would be cute to do the top in it, so i turned once again to my favorite staple gun...
Eh, looks ok... might as well go for it...

Two HOURS later... this is what I had.
From far away, not bad... but upon looking closer...
It looked like "poop" (my grandparents read this so I gotta keep it PG in here)... ("poop" is a PG word, right?)
Yea, definitely not happy with the way it turned out... I pride myself on good, quality work and this was NOT it.

Frustrated and running out of light, I brought him inside.
And stripped him naked, again.

Sorry there are no pictures of me with pliers yelling obscenities at a piece of furniture, but you get the idea.

Even after taking everything off, the staple gun pretty much ruined the burlap and I had to re-cut all new pieces.
I wish I could have just said "ta-da!" and left it like this, just sitting on top, (which after what felt like 80 hours working on this project for one day, I almost did) but I found some super cute decorative tacks from one of my many trips to Joann's and decided to try and use those to see if I could get better results.

Low and behold....

Ugh, I LOVE it!!

The lighting in the living room was a bit dim and the pictures didnt quiet look right with the flash, so I moved it into the hallway for this sexy shot of the whole boy put together.
Yea, not too shabby.

I thought about selling it, but I actually found the perfect spot for it in my office.

I have it wedged back in the corner a little more, but pretty flowers and the burlap really work in my sun-room office (P.S- Shout out to Chris's mom for the pretty yellow orchid she gave me for my birthday!)

All in all, not a bad little weekend project. I love how the oil rubbed bronze hardware and dark decorative tacks totally go together.

Just shows what can be done with a $10 piece from Goodwill! I love finding fun, cheap, yet amazingly awesome stuff that I can make my own!

Let me know what you guys think! Do you like it white? Or would you have painted it a different color? Do you like the burlap behind the doors? I would love to know what you guys would have done with this piece!!

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  1. Samm, I love every single thing you do!! Plus, so great the way you document how you do each project! So talented!

  2. Love this Lady Samm. You are so talented. My room is dark chocolate brown with accents of green and blue, so I would have tried a dark, crinkled leather on the top (keeping the studs) and may have distressed the corners/edges intentionally to go with some of my other decor. I really like the fabric behind the panels - makes the doors pop!

  3. LOVE this one !! and i read a lot of blogs... you could totally do this for a living just FYI :) Also, I tried to hang curtains in my bedroom a few weeks ago and failed miserably so I understand how hard it is... you are a rockstar!

  4. Hey Samm,

    This project is awesome! The fun thing is that you could have done any colors and really any fabric with it and had a totally different pieces. I would have found some kind of old, distressed leather (I really like a burgandy) and taken the color to a darker wood stain, but painting it white makes it really light and pretty. The tacks really make a difference, though! I'm so impressed.

    When I go home, I'll have to take a look at the one bookshelf that I've ever refinished, but it included stripping, sanding, priming, new backing, and painting... It wore me out, but I feel more inspired by your projects!


  5. I love how your table turned out!! It looks fantastic. If you're like me and get bored with things or like to make little changes, mirror would look amazing behind the little bars too :)

    So glad you found me!!

    Xx. Patience

  6. WOW!!! That is amazing!!!! I love the white and the burlap just adds the right touch!!

  7. Stunning projects Samm. Saw these on MIM. Loz

  8. Fantastic projects Samm. Saw this on MIM. faye

  9. Hi Samm

    Wow, fabulous restoration project! The difference is amazing!

    Unfortunately though, Make It Monday is a paper craft linky party so your entry is not valid.

    You could link up here though to my friends linky party

    I know she would love to have you join in.

    Michelle :o)

    1. oh sorry about that Michelle! Thanks for letting me know!

  10. WOW! You did an amazing job. I would love for you to Link up at my Linky party via:

    PS: I am your newest Linky Follower!

    Mrs. Delightful

  11. That burlap table is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up at Toot Your Horn Tuesday. I have bought some burlap to redo a picture frame but a table!?! I love it!

  12. What a beautiful transformation! Love the burlap! I would love it if you would link up to my party going on now!


  13. Wow! It's all coming together. I love the new dining room panels and the cute burlap table redo. Thanks for linking up @ the Delectable Home.

  14. I love what you did with this table. Clever idea.

  15. I have to admit, when I saw the before and saw you were going with burlap, I had my doubts if I'd like the finished product. But I should have known better. That turned out amazing! Kudos!

  16. the little table looks so cute- the burlap was a great touch!

  17. WOW!!!! I love the makeover you gave this table! So happy the staples didn't work on the top, because the nailheads look AMAZING!

    Excellent work!!!

    Take care,

  18. Thanks for linking up to my party at Jillify It! I'm a new linky follower!


  19. It looks fab!! I recently painted and stenciled a hexagonal table very similar to yours, which I found at a goodwill for $10 too! I love the burlap on yours!!! It looks fantastic. I'm following you on linky tools now. :)
    Would love you to pop by sometime and check out my table (it's the white one with a french stencil on top)!!

    1. Kathryn,

      I would LOVE to see what do did! What is your site?

  20. Oh what an amazing transformation of that table! I LOVE it!! Sounds like you've been rather busy lately!! Love the new look of the room too!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  21. What a unique and unexpectedly fabulous makeover! I would have never thought of doing that. I know what you mean about feeling like a project lasting 80 hours, but it turned out really cute. Putting it on my list! Thanks!

  22. Great remake!!! Look sooo much better!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!

  23. Great makeover! I think the contrast in the Before and After pics highlights perfectly what a great job you did! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!

  24. The burlap is a perfect addition! Beautiful transformation!

  25. I love the transformation on your little table! Can I just say how much I love burlap. I would have never thought to use it on furniture, but it turned out amazing!! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  26. What a great transformation! Love the burlap! thank you for linking up to Uncommonly yours! Bonnie :)

  27. that is an amazing transformation. well done.

  28. Great transformation. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time. Hope to see you again Friday.

  29. So very cool!

    Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  30. I see similar pieces all the time and now you have given me some inspiration! I will have to keep a look out for the removable back panels. I love the burlap top with the nail head trim. I thin I might try a patterned fabric or wallpaper for the panels if I get ahold of one of these gems.

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  32. I absolutely love this project, it is so adorable my grand parents had these end tables, they had 3 in the living room and 2 in each of the bedrooms which makes a total of 13 but the ones they owned only had one handle on each of them so instead of having 2 doors they only had one solid angled door. So when you opened the cabinet you would pull the handle and the whole side of the table would open, looking as if 2 doors were opening at the same time, and I sure hit my head alot on those darn things I'm not sure if all of them were designed with the single angled door or not I remember one time there was something jammed in the door and I yanked and yanked until I ended up with a black eye and bloody nose,and to top it all off I ended up getting grounded for messing with my grandparents stuff I was like 4 I guess i should have known better than want to play candyland and I guess my grandparents should have known better than to put my all my board games in there, best part was once my parents figured out that i was aloud to get my games out of there,instead of going ungrounding me they stayed strict to the punishment because they didn't want to show me that they were wrong lol... I also have one in my basement here I haven't went and checked to see what type it is. My uncle just told me that he still has several of the ones that were at my grandparents, he kept them this whole time , Sorry for going on and on and but this was very nostalgic to me because it brought back alot of childhood memories and now I have a bunch of end tables to redo for my place. Thank you :}

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