Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh the things you find on craigslist...

Ok, so, this post is all due in thanks to my wonderful little cyber-stalking/scary/amazing/oddly wonderful/one of my favorites sites... Craigslist.

I know most people tend to stay away from craigslist (hmmm hello Craigslist Killer!), but I never plan to post or reply to an exotic massage posting, so I figure looking at furniture and meeting in well lit places are ok... as long as Im safe about it (I usually have Chris come with me as my muscle)

Back a few weeks ago, when I was starring longingly at Wilber in the Z Gallerie, a guy (who I only assumed worked there) started chatting me up about the little white ceramic animal and started to show me all their fun white ceramic animal heads (click HERE and HERE for an example... its not as creepy as it sounds, I PROMISE!)
...ok maybe just a little bit...

ANYWAY, we were talking about how the big ones go for $250 a pop (which is just plain silly for a fake animal head) and then he mentioned something interesting. Apparently this dude was also an interior designer and said he done an entire hallway of real animal heads (eww)... but had them SPRAY PAINTED white (ohh!) thus getting the same effect as the Z Gallerie animals.

Seeing is how my favorite blog has an obsession with white ceramic animals ( see some of their "animals" HERE and HERE) I decided to start a collection of my own.

Animal #1?... Abner True, he's not white... or ceramic... but he is high gloss cast iron which is close enough for me!

While working my normal 9 to 5, and keeping the idea of animal heads in the WAY back of my mind, I started to stroll randomly on craigslist (for a 5 minute mental break).

Then I saw it...
Yep! Those are REAL pictures of what a guy had listed on craigslist... 2 (TWO!!!) sets of antlers for $75 bucks.

The next closest price for antlers was $450 for ones from a moose (umm no thank you?) so I wrote the guy and asked if he would take $50 for em....


Since I was at work, I then proceeded to text Chris and brag about my find...
Any man who "trusts" his wife for buying a two sets of antlers via craigslist is a-ok in my book!

Anyway, I had agreed to meet Mr Antler Man at a Mexican restaurant in Watauga, TX (isnt that were all craigslist trades go down?). Apparently this guy was in a band and was playing at this restaurant. (I know for some of you this story is exactly WHY you dont like craigslist... bc of random people like this)

I met my good friend Ashley there for dinner and just before walking in, she asked why I picked this specific restaurant. I said "Well, Im here to buy two sets of antlers from the guy in the band".... I think she might have peed herself in the parking lot. (looking back: It was probably one of the weirdest things I have ever said out loud)

Because she was a good sport, she still decided to help me meet mystery man and even took my picture with him!Winner for most awkward thing inside a Mexican Food restaurant??? Antlers.

The guy was SUPER nice (even got us in so we didnt have to wait 45 min for a table) and his band was darn good for classic rock! (in case you are interested, here is his band's website.)

Anywho, I took home my new trophies and prepped them the next day for a round of spray paint.
P.S - this is also the day I painted Abner. I love it how Rocky is more curious about the cast iron pig than the dead animal antlers.

I gave everyone a nice coat of primer...
And then several coats of high gloss white...
Antler set A was looking awesome!!!
But same could not be said for Antler set B...
See how the mounted leather part wasnt taking any of the primer or the gloss?

I tried getting closer to it with some of the primer but it just pooled and looked sloppy.
R.I.P Antler set B... this is the end of the line for you.
And for the little I spent on him (and the fact that I liked his brother better), I wasnt too sad to see him go.

So I was REALLY excited now to have ONE set of antlers in a high gloss white that i REALLY liked... except for the fact that I had no where to put him.... whaaa-waaa.

So, he sat here, in the guest room, all pretty and shiny like, waiting for me to make up my mind for about 2 weeks.
Finally I got tired of seeing him hang out on my yet-to-be-put-together rocking chair... so yesterday I started to search for homes for him in a fit of "I bought him, I made him, and now he has to earn his keep!"

Maybe the kitchen wall next to the sink?
Nope... I have plans for that space later ;-)

The empty wall in our dining room?
Nope... he would definitely get in the way of our house beer pong parties and THAT is a lawsuit I would like to avoid! (Headline: Man Stabbed with White Animal Antlers Attempting to Chase a Ping Pong Ball)

What about this "other" blank wall in the dining room?
Nope, he just didnt go (plus, I was worried about people turning the corner and being attacked.)

Finally, I turned to the room that Chris and I have been avoiding since November...
(seriously, shield your eyes)...
The front room.

Every time someone comes over and sees this room, our automatic response is "oh, we just painted in here so everything's a little messy"... Just Painted = early November.

Yes, it's shameful, and Im sorry. But between work, the holidays, traveling... no, there's no excuse. I think Chris and I are just waiting to see who it will annoy more and finally do something about it... we are both VERY good at this game and apparently are both winning... or losing, I'm not sure.

ANYWAY, I had my sights set on this wall.
This is the wall the bookcase goes on and thought it would be a good match for my guy. (Is it wrong that I want to name him "Bambi's Dad"?... "Bambi" = insensitive... "Bambi's Dad" = eh, not as bad)

Because Bambi's Dad is a little heavy, I knew I just couldnt mount him up there without any support, so I went looking in Chris's tool chest full of wonders...

They weren't exactly labeled "Antler Hanging Screws" but I figured they would get the job done.
I then had to measure out the exact length i needed and where I wanted him to hang on the wall
(I know this picture isnt the greatest, but I was trying to stabilize Bambi's Dad, hold a measuring tape, and take a picture... I'm proud of this shot)

Finally was able to put my grip and my screw in the wall (after breaking 3 of the other plastic grips)
And FINALLY mounted my antlers.

Here's a close up.
I shimmied the bookcase back into place and took a step back.Not so bad!

And actually, since this room is "technically" supposed to be Chris's man cave, the antlers kinda go.
I know the pictures of me and my cousins, me and my mom, me and my little brother doesnt necessarily scream out "Chris's Man Cave" but its a working change :-)

For right now, I like it. Surprisingly, Chris likes it too! (Or at least tells me he does out of fear of being spray painted high gloss white and mounted on the wall next to Bambi's Dad)

Here are some before and after's for ya...And a close up one, just for kicks.
Soooo... what do you guys think? Do you like the spray painted animal movement? A little scared by it? Would you have painted Bambi's Dad a different color? Are you insulted by the fact that I named him "Bambi's Dad"?

I would love to get your feedback...especially since this one is kinda out there...

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  1. Love craigslist! You scored some good finds!

  2. Your story about buying antlers at a Mexican restaurant from a guy in the band definitely made me laugh. Nice find by the way. I want some antlers of my own.

    1. hahaha thank you... it was probably the most random thing I have ever experienced, but it was pretty fun! Antlers are such a great find! so many possibilities!

  3. Awesome! My son found a set very similar in a trashcan across the street from us. After I begged, he gave them to me. For now they are natural hanging in my kitchen and I love them. So...what happened to the other set? I'm sure there is a way to make those work, just sayin'.

  4. Oh what a great fun post! Love the whole story behind the antlers -and personally I think they look great in all white - perfect for a really blokey room!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. What a hilarious tale of finding those antlers :D Love, love, love how they turned out! I currently have two sets of antlers (still attached to the skull, yuck!) in my garage that I found at my father in laws farm. I'm wanting to do the same thing to mine. I've just been avoiding it because I'm not sure how to go about getting rid of the skull part. Oh yuck, just thinking about the skull gives me the heebie-jeebies :D

    1. Paint the skull too.... Looks super awesome!!

  6. Thanks for linking up to my party at Jillify It! That is one funny story about how you scored the antlers! Watauga... Wow.... I taught for one year at the elementary school there when I lived in TX!


  7. I'm probably way late on this but I bet if you invested the time to paint the leather areas with clear nail polish you could spray paint right over it and you'd be golden.

  8. Your antlers look great and they have a pretty funny story to go with them! And since you linked up just before I posted this week's party feel free to link this up again if you like so everyone gets a chance to check them out!

  9. Oooh, I really like it, especially above the bookshelf! Thanks for linking up.

  10. I just found your cute blog, great idea! I'm a new follower and would love to have you stop by my brand new blog and follow me, too:)

  11. Bambi's Dad looks cool on the man cave wall! Neat idea painting the antlers white! I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!

  12. I love Craigslist! The story is always half the fun.

  13. Craigslist finds are so fantastic, love what you did with these! I have some laying around, but my mister would most likely have a stroke if I painted them though! =) Maybe someday.

  14. I never would've thought of find :)

  15. You don't strike me as the antler type of girl. But they somehow work for you!!! Thanks for linking up as always at Toot Your Horn Tuesday :)

  16. Score! These look just like the high end versions! Thanks so much for sharing at our Uncommonly Yours link party! Hope to see you next week!

    Take care,


  17. Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time. Not sure if you know but you linked this up for my Spring Contest I am having and not the Anything Goes linky. That party is in the post just below the Spring one. Thanks again.

  18. I love Craigslist and I have found some great things from there. Great score with the antlers and it looks great painted white. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Awesome score! Thanks so much for linking up your cheap find!

  20. That's the perfect spot for the antlers. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  21. Hey, Samm - cool antlers, love that you found them on Craigslist. :) I wanted to let you know that I've awarded you the 'Libster Blog Award'! I received this award and it is my duty to pass it along. You have a great blog, and I have chosen you... read more about it HERE!

    And, pass it on !!

  22. hahaha! I'm was totally laughing my way through your story! I think all of us DIY obsessive people have ended up in some weird Craigslist places, or um...dumpsters?
    Anyhoo. What fantastic finds! Love the little yellow pig too. It should be friends with the yellow elephant I made for my shelves last week :)

    Nice work!
    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!

  23. They are so cool, I'm super jealous, have been on the hunt for a cool pair of antlers for AGES!!xox

  24. Fun antlers. Love the recycled aspect of this project. Thank you for sharing it at

  25. Great Craigslist find and story to go along with it! I love the antlers and have been wanting to find some for my house too.

  26. Nice! Some stories just take a little longer to get to the end. :-) Thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  27. Love your craigslist find! Antlers are so in too! Following you from finding fabulous-stop on by for a visit!

  28. Nice job on the antlers. On the part that wouldn't paint... is it possible to maybe add some ribbon or fabric to cover those areas? Just an idea. :)

    You find some awesome things!

    Thanks for stopping by to link up!

  29. I love it! I think I just may try this! Would love for you to link some of your ideas to my linky party...

    Happy Decorating!

    Heather, Stringtown Home

  30. You are so funny! Bambi's Dad is great. Thanks for sharing this at Drab to Fab last week!
    This week’s party is live right now!

    I’d love for you to link up again this week with more of your amazing stuff! Old or new is always welcome :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  31. I love this idea of taking something slightly random and out there from nature and making it a part of your home. I'm going to try this idea (with antlers hopefully) and probably go with a bright color, like a turquoise or something vibrant. Thanks for the tips and the idea!

    1. Oh Turquoise sounds amazing!! Send me the link when you do it! I would love to see!


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