Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Project Teaser

Ok so I have been OBSESSED with my latest project... shocker, I know.

I've been working on it all weekend (and after work so far this week) and hopefully, fingers crosses, it will be completed tomorrow!!! Hooray! AND I'll try my hardest to get a blog up about it before I leave for NYC for work on Friday.

But just as a teaser, I thought I would let you know that I'm working on one of the fun pieces I found at the Garage Sale Jackpot back in November (can you guess which one??) and here is a picture of something I did to it last night....
I cant wait to show you the finished product!!

Actually, Im not sure who is looking forward to seeing it finished more... me, or my buddies at Home Depot... since I have been to there 3x in four days and they now know me by name... (is it weird I'm SUPER proud of that?? cause I am... majorly)
Seriously, its like my Mother Ship...
Oh yes, did I mention I did wood work with this project??

Yea... its happening.

Can't wait to share!!!! Yippie!


  1. Samm,love your work. Wish I had your energy. I am down in Florida right now for the winter. Mom is here visiting us for 6 weeks. I do, however, a project to complete when I get home. I have an old dresser that I picked up at an Estate sale. I would love to turn it into a vanity base. Going to take some work, but I think I will give it a try. Can't wait to see your latest works. Your house is adorable..

  2. Mother Ship ..... LOL (funny!). But I do know what u mean ... it like the clouds part and sun shines at it inviting u in!


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