Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Loads of Laundry

As you could probably guess by the title of this post, we're about to go through the makeover we just did on one of the most important smallest rooms of the house... our laundry room. 
 This is what it looks like most of the time... dirty, gross, and with a random box of kleenex on the floor that I refuse to pick up because I know it will fall again.

Here is a prettier picture that the previous realtor took:
Hmm... well, not really much prettier...

Its a SUPER small room (about 4.5 x 7), right off our kitchen, that leads to the driveway and garage.

Here's a view from the kitchen
And no... those paper "frame holders" to the right are not still up... I took them down moments before our St. Patricks day party... so no worries.

And just for kicks, here are the stairs (on the left) that door leads to out from our laundry room, to the driveway/garage...
Thanks again for the picture realtor person!

But back to reality, here are some more awesome "before" pictures...
 More poop tootsie-roll brown flooring! HOORAY!
 And for storage? We had a teenie, tiny shelfing unit that I have been dragging around with me since my junior year at OU...
 Its uneven, it wobbles, its 6 years old... and like a toddler beauty queen, it was time for her to retire and be replace by some one thing cuter.

Another thing that had to go... the blinds... the cheap, $4 kind... they seriously make me cringe 
 Together, they equal one ugly 1.5ft of laundry room...
 We knew we wanted to redo the flooring and install awesome Traverine tile that we bought at the Granite and Marble Auction which we also put in my office a couple weeks ago, so taking out the washer and dryer was step 1... but where-o-where should we put the dryer?? The Kitchen??? GREAT IDEA!!!

Already looking better though!
Random Brackets on the other side of the wall? Yea, taking those down too...
Next was the Big Ol Washer... we had to unplug everything from the wall and were left with this...
Yeaaa... gross...

But then we had to find a home for our washing machine to live for the next couple days... Since the dryer had already staked his claim in the kitchen, our washer chose the dining room...
Yea, please dont pay any attention to the complete and utter mess around it... oh look! What a pretty chandelier! (distraction)
Back to our laundry room, Chris also started cleaning out the vent which leads all the hot air outside...
If you are eating anything, I recommend you stop because this is about to get gross right now...
Seriously, dry heaving right now...
After taking two pictures and refusing to come back until it was all picked up, Chris yelled at me down the hall "Hey, while we're at it, you think we should replace the baseboards? They're pretty bad".

I decided to take his word for it since I was NOT going back into Icky-Icky-Dirty Land and gave him the "Sure, why not".

Next thing I heard, was **Crack**Breaking Noise**... and "#^%$!!!" from Chris...
Apparently, when trying to remove the base boards, dry wall decided to come off with it...
Normally, this shouldnt happen...(duh)...No one wants to see pink insulation starring them in the face when moments ago we were talking about "just" baseboards.

Since this house is old (cirra 1940) and we have NO idea when this laundry room extension was added, we came to the conclusion there must have been a water leak from the washer some time ago and it had seeped into the walls...

The good news: no mold... Hooray!

The bad news: we were going to have to replace the drywall that was soft and falling apart.

Chris's Good News: He got to break out his wall saw...

Almost as though a bat signal in the sky was released with a picture of a hammer, Chris's dad showed up outta no where.
The "fix-it signal" may or may not have been Chris just calling his dad to come over and help with tile, but his timing was oddly appropriate that when we start tearing down walls, Chris's dad shows up... LOVE him...

They decided to remove all dry wall about 24 inches up from all three walls...

I wasn't freaking out or anything... no... i was FINE... cool as a cucumber... ... ... ... I may have had to been sedated...

It even looked like this at one point...
But after the smoke/dusty/drywall had settled, we were left with it looking like this...

Remember: this is DAY 1 of what should have been just a "tiling project"...
The next day, after leaving the house to avoid having a stroke every time I shimmied passed the drier in the kitchen and looking into the room, I came home to a MUCH better site...
WHOO HOO!!! No more holes in the wall... and the poop toosie roll flooring was being covered up!!... oh HAPPY freakin' DAY!!!!

I then broke out my best dancing moves, with camera in hand, in front of Chris to celebrate:
I'm convinced Seinfeld stole this dance idea from my mother... not. joking.

Thank goodness Chris just smiles at me when I act weird... I'm about 50% sure he knew what he was getting into when he married me...
But back to the tiling...

And a quick look at what was giving me grey hair, at the age of 26, outside that little room...

Finally, just as when Chris thought the tile was about to beat him, we came to the finishing pieces...
And I use "we" loosely...

But the next day, hazah! it looked killer...

Oh laundry room, you get DOWN with your tiled self...
Alas, "we"... **cough**Chris**cough**... had to keep fixing the drywall so it didnt look so patchy...

And then came the grout....
To make it all pretty and finished...
Wax on, wax off my husband... wipe on, wipe off...

And the result? I mean, come on, really?... really? 
And the next day after I wiped off the haze, even better...
Again, Chris and I used an impregnating sealer to make sure we got deep down into the porous tile just in case there was any water issues in the future...

The next day? PAINT!!!
We decided on the same color as the kitchen...
Even though its a light grey, it made a WORLD of difference...

Still, even with the same paint trying to transition from the kitchen to the laundry, it was still missing something...
That something, we decided, is bead board that was in the kitchen that just STOPPED when it reached the laundry room...

So Chris and his dad pulled up the baseboards... this time without the wall attached...

And put up THIS beauty...
Even on the side wall

See... now the transition even looks a LOT more seamless...
Chris's dad also replaced the blinds...
See what a difference faux wood blinds make???
Oh and the bead-board looks amazing...
And lets not forget about the floor...

The only thing missing from this room now? Storage... and a blank spot to fill...
We had gone back and forth with what type of storage to put in here... We only had about 20" or so. Maybe some unfinished cabinets from Home Depot?
Home Depot Unfinished Cabinet
We thought it would have been pretty easy to paint and install some hardware on... BUT... we would also have to do all the work and after everything we've done so far (HELLO! we had HOLES in our walls!!!) we were looking for something that would require a little less effort on our part that was under $200.

Enter Ikea...
Picture from HERE
Now, I know what your thinking... Ikea? gross... its going to fall apart in a couple days/weeks and they are really poor quality... but when I saw this online, I figured it was at least worth a drive up to Frisco...
Pax Wardrobe
Almost the same thing as Home Depot, but already painted white and $70 cheaper...

And when I got to the store, I decided all the options we could put INSIDE were perfect for what we needed....
 Plus at 19" wide, 23" deep, and 93" tall it would be a perfect filler for that space...

The only dilemma? Picking out a door (... yea, it didnt come with a door,  you had to buy it separately... along with the hinges... nickel and dimed us a bit, but it STILL came out cheaper that the unfinished Home Depot version...)
I thought the door on the left would be a little more formal, but I kinda liked how the window one made it feel a little more open... and for such a tiny space, that would probably be the way to go.
Plus, you could build these little window boxes with it, which I thought was pretty cute.

****(I reserve this space for the 45 minutes it took for me to check out, put two 96" boxes (thats 8ft) which weigh 65lbs and 50lbs respectfully, in the car, by myself, IN THE RAIN... ... ... ... Lesson learned? NEVER go to Ikea by yourself... I may or may not have called Chris crying DEMANDING that a fresh margarita be waiting for me when I get home)****

The next day when we finally got it out of the box and put together...
yea, it barely fit at the top... but last time I checked, "barely" is still in...

Next stop, the door...
And the roll-out wire baskets (which I LOVE!!! great for dirty shoes!!)
Wire baskets
And all the drawers
Pax shelves
We wanted to make sure there was enough room height wise for what we needed... ie paper towels, toilet paper... detergent and cleaning supplies on lower shelves
lookin' good...
Did I mention how much I love our wire baskets??
Finally, I put back the window frame turned picture frame I made (as described HERE)...
Also put up Gus and Rocky's leash holders...
I dont know why Im so oddly proud about these, but I found these letters a while back at Michaels in the dollar bin then spray painted them yellow... might switch to a different color, not quite sure
Here's a better picture of how it looks now... and put together and what not...
The ONLY thing bugging me about the new pantry and the washer/dryer was the uneven balance...
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the extra storage and since Chris and I are both over 6ft, we have no problem reaching things, but with the pantry being higher than the washer/dryer, it just seemed uneven.

Once again, enter Ikea....I forgot to take a picture when I was actually there... but here's what I found via their website:

It looks a little light in this picture, but it had some great earthy-tones to it so I figured I might as well try and see how two of 'em would look up top...
 AAANNNNDDDD I love them...
Self high-five...

I've decided I'll use it store a lot of my extra fabric and buralp I have hanging around the house... but I just love how it balances everything out and breaks up all the white a bit...
 Still not sure how I feel about the light (Chris REALLY likes it) and I really did too, but now that we have so much going on toward the ceiling, I'm thinking a can light maybe a little better and not as "squished" looking... who knows, it may grow on me...

But all in all, we're DONE!!! I know that was a super long post, but this project took at LOT longer than we original thought ("its just tile, we can do it in a weekend".... It took a FULL week)

But we LOVE IT!! We call it our "grown-up room"...  like grown-ups live here and not some 20-somethings playing house...

Maybe you just had to see how TRUELY gross it was before, but we like it love it are obsessed now.

And because you all have been waiting so patiently, here is the before/after picture....

Disclaimer: Sorry but the light in the laundry room is REALLY orange/yellow which makes it super hard to white balance and I'm still learning about my Canon Rebel T2i... I'll take better pics in the future I promise...

So what did you guys think?? Have you ever started a project then have part of the wall cave in on you? Do you think the bead board and the tile work together? Are you an Ikea hater but maybe willing to give it a second chance (we are SOO happy we did!)

I would love to hear from you all!!!


  1. Samm,

    I love every aspect of this transformation. I also love how you said "we" is a term you use loosely. I do the same thing with my I'm pinning these ideas! :) Megan

  2. I love this! You guys are so creative and I think your hubby is a really good sport! I'm imagining a few swear words, made by my husband, when I think about us being in the same situation. ;)

  3. Unbelievable Samm.... this is fantastic. EVERY bit of it. You should do this for a living in other peoples houses (when you're done with your own)! I hope Greg sees this so he knows what he's getting into ;) You're lucky to have such a handyman!! And he is so willing to help!! "Might as well replace the floor boards too" yeah right if I every heard that coming out of Greg's mouth I would jump for joy! What is your secret?? xoxox Another job well done!!

    1. Haha! Thanks Cassie! Yea I got really lucky marrying a handy man! Im sure Greg is handy too! Chris and I had no idea what we were doing until we bought the house and just started guessing!! Can't wait to see you in June!

  4. Great job Samm!! Looks amazing! I love Ikea. My husband and I went last week and boy was he cursing the directions when he started putting everything together. Hopefully, your husband had an easier time than mine did:) BTW, where did you get your curtains in the dining room?? Cute..

    1. Thanks Allison!

      The curtains are from Z Gallerie that I got on clearance about a month ago... I just looked online and didnt see the EXACT same ones, but they still have some that are super cute... here's the link!

  5. Oh my gosh, it looks amazing! I am heading to Ikea soon with my husband in tow (and no kids!), but even so, a margarita at the end of it would be perfect. Your hubby did a great job, and how is it that his dad was so perfectly timed! I love how it all turned out.

  6. Looks great! The baskets on top were the perfcet finishing touches!

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  12. As always, I am completely intrigued with what you've accomplished. (Okay, I mean what CHRIS has accomplished .. and his amazing dad!) LOVE the transformation. I like your light, but I really love bright light in my laundry room, so had my hubby install a big square ceiling hugging light fixture from Home Depot or Lowes (can't remember) that has fluorescent light, which I love because I can see every single little stain and spot that needs spraying prior to washing. I'm also blown away by how much you two accomplish!

  13. That space rocks! You've done it again girl! Really looks nice. I love the beadboard (good call) and I like the way you evened out your storage. I know this probably sounds weird, but isn't it nice doing your laundry in that room now??? LOL.. It's kinda like how your car runs better when it's all clean and detailed!

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  25. Beautiful! I had Pax closets in my previous house an I ADORE how flexible they are.

    I also had to comment on the 1000s of red plastic cups in the kitchen.. I am guessing you must either be having a beer pong or flip cup tournament. That is the only justifiable reason to have that many! :)

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    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

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    And this was a long post. And I'm a busy lady. My teen son is out at a movie, my tween is playing a computer game, my beagle is snoring up a storm, and a How I Met Your Mother repeat is on the TV. See, crazy busy household here. But I hung in there. Only because you are a very entertaining 20-something!



  48. The transformation is wonderful. You really utilized your small space very well. I don't really understand what people have against IKEA. I think if you choose carefully, they have some very well-made items. We've used several of their Expedits in different rooms of our home, & no way are those things going to be falling apart anytime soon. I like the baskets & have used some of those as well. Congrats on a a great room redo!

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    Now, for your question on IKEA. I LOVE IKEA - if you are careful with your selection, you will find that they make a quality product. In fact, we just completely gutted and remodeled our entire house - and we chose an IKEA kitchen (if you would like to see our transformation here is the site: We have also used the EXPEDITE bookshelves, a nightstand, a headboard, a dresser, and a buffet in our "new" house. I'll feature all these in future posts. So, you can see that we are "sold" on IKEA (and we have to travel three hours one way to get to the closest store).

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    1. Thanks! Im glad you like em! I got them at a local granite and marble auction here in Dallas but you can also get them at Home Depot... they are just 3x6 travertine pavers... and I love them... Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  64. The room looks great! Our last house was built in the fifties and I am very familiar with starting a 'small' project only to end up with much larger issues! (we also frequently fall into the 'while we're at it' and might as wel' trap)
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  71. Wonderful Transformation! You had very little room to work with, but you, your husband, and his father really did make it work. I have to say, we don't currently have a house and every one of them we have looked at as been a fixer upper that is in our price range here in MO. Your blog and many other DIY Blogs really help families like us with ideas to brighten and fancy-up bull old nasty rooms and furniture. I really appreciate people like you. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!


    P.S. I was born and lived in Texas for a long time, moved to MO a while back and met the love of my life here, so I stayed. I lived in Denison, Sherman, Amarillo, Borger, and Hereford TX. I do miss TX a lot. My whole family lives down there. Mainly in Amarillo and Denison/Sherman.

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  76. The room looks great! Our last house was built in the fifties and I am very familiar with starting a 'small' project only to end up with much larger issues! (we also frequently fall into the 'while we're at it' and might as wel' trap)
    Love the beadboard - you can never go wrong with beadboard

  77. i see this is an old post of yours, however, it popped up when i searched on google. i was searching for ways to stack a standard washer and dryer. i don't want to buy the stacked unit. question to you is how did you stack your washer and dryer? did you use any of the frames/brackets i have seen on line? or did you just put them on top of each other?


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