Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marble and Granite Auction THIS WEEKEND!!

Sorry I know this is kinda last minute... but I seriously JUST got this in the mail...
As you may remember from my post HERE, Chris and I attended this back in January and it may have been the coolest thing we have ever done.
 A warehouse FULL of marble, granite, flagstone, limestone, and (our personal favorite) travertine...
We got it for more than 50% off what Home Depot was selling it for and put it in both my office...

Read about the transformation HERE
And in our laundry room...
Read all about THAT here
We still have a LOT sitting in our garage since its also going to go in our bathrooms and kitchen (as soon as we do those) but never would have been able to afford it if we hadn't got it at the auction.

Chris and I don't need anything this time (1. Since they have these about 3-4x a year and we are currently too consumed with our backyard project... and 2. Because we are poor) but we may go just "peak" around and get ideas.

For all my fellow DFW people, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!  Here's the information in case you can't read it from the 1st picture:
Marble and Granite Auction
Sunday, April 15th @ 1pm
(preview Saturday, April 14th: 9a-4p and Sunday, April 15th: 8a-1p)
1624 Dipolmat Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006

Its right over by the airport and they usually have signs up.

If you do go, I would LOVE to hear what you think! Chris and I will be walking around too and would love for you to say hi!... but fair warning: in the future, if you attend the auction and you bid on something Chris and I want, we WILL cut you... ... ... HA, jk... ... ... but really... ... ...


  1. I am honored to make your day! :-) ... Is there somewhere is an auction for silestone?

  2. I'm glad something like this is also reflected. I also want to know if there is a auction for Silestone :)

  3. This is a good thing :) It would be good if these things could be maintained more often :)

  4. This last picture is good. It's a good idea to the gate and it's looks nicer :)

  5. I think granit it's a better and quality then marble ..... and it seems to me it is stronger .... but everyone has a right to choose. I like products from Granit Deutschland :)


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