Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TORNADOES in my Big D!!!

But the Little House (and all her residents) are a-okay!
 No worse for the wear, but LOTS of flooding! (all outside the house)

Luckily, the tornadoes went around our little neighborhood, but to be safe, Gus, Rocky and I went and took shelter in an underground parking lot during the worst parts...
And, no, I do NOT let Rocky drive... not after what happened last time... nope, never again...
After about an hour, Chris left work, came to pick me up (so we could leave my car in the hail-free safety zone and put his in the garage) and headed home.

Rocky was upset he couldnt fit in the front seat seeing is how he's scared of storms.
At times, I SERIOUSLY think he forgets how large he is...
 And there was the fact that we were driving in this...
Even though we didnt see any tornadoes, we did see TONS of nasty weather...
And throughout Dallas County, there has been some pretty bad damage.
 It seriously breaks my heart and definitely reminds me to get on my knees and say some HUGE Thank You prayers that my family and friends here in Dallas are all safe and sound.

Here is an UNBELIEVABLE video of some semi's being thrown around like micro-machines...
 THAT is insane...

 My co-worker lives in Coppell (a Dallas suburb) and she got hit with some HUGE hail... she sent us these pictures:

 Seriously! It looked like it snowed in her front yard! Apparently the hail was the size of eggs!

Chris and I are going to keep an eye on the weather (still lots of lightening and thunder around here) but wanted to let everyone know we were all ok... ... ... except Gus... He's having a hard time with the storm and is refusing to get off my lap...
 Poor pooka... ... ... ... and yes, apparently my "tornado gear" outfit consists of a fedora and Katniss Everdeen side-braid.

What about you guys? Are all my other fellow Dallas bloggers safe? Anyone else have family down here that got hit hard?  Please say a big prayer for us as DFW recovers!


  1. good update! Thanx for posting!! I love the tornado-gear-outfit description...whats a tornado without a fadora?!!...and Katniss hair? you crack me up!

  2. So glad to see you are safe! This is my favorite blog to read, so if you weren't able to post anymore, I would be very sad! ;(

  3. So glad you are safe! We have a lot of family in Dallas and so glad no one was affected. The footage is awful on the news here.

  4. That footage of those semi trailers freaked me right out last night on the news...glad to hear you and yours are safe. Awesome "Natural Disasterwear" :) Hugs the pups.

  5. thank goodess you were all safe! xo

  6. Glad to see that u and ur fam are ok .. underground parking lot = smart!!!I would had brought my blankie and toothbrush and hibernated. (Such a scary and sad situation). WOW on the hail .. holey moley those are large.

  7. Hi Samm,

    Just stopping by from Laughter and Grace! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I live in North Fort Worth. Thankfully the worst of the storm didn't come anywhere near us.
    Your house is so charming and your furniture makeovers are AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!


  8. Glad that you and yours are okay - hug and hold those pups!

    Hugs to you -
    Carol @arewethereyet

  9. Glad to hear you survived as well, I live in Frisco, Allison (Cozy HOme Interiors) introduced me to your blog, and so far, I am loving it! Your pups are adorable, poor things. BTW, your house is so charming, loving all the makeovers you guys are doing to it, great job!


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