Monday, April 2, 2012

Backyard Revamp - Step 2

Whoo hoo! We're at step 2!

If you missed step 1 of our backyard revamp, click HERE...

Now, you may remember that we only did the fence on the left side of the yard, and not the back one. (and by "did", I mean we took down our little one and are now sharing with our neighbors super-nice professional one)

Here's the original (left) and where we left off (right)
 Here's a better close up picture...
There is also a fence over by the garage which we don't use that much, but it does lead out to the alley, so we kinda need to keep it.
 We also have VERY fancy plyboard blocking the space between our neighbors fence and our old fence... gotta keep the puppies from exploring too much!
 So, here's where we start...
 First step in putting up a matching 8ft fence, was taking down the 6ft one.

 Yea... thats a naked looking fence... no underwear on or anything.

And guess who stopped by to help??  Chris's dad... hooray!

I dont know if you can see in the background, but apparently, there was also a chain link fence that once was the only form of fencing before they put up the little 6-footer.  Instead of tearing it down, they just built the fence in front of it. Doesnt hurt us any by it being in the alley, so we just left it there...

If you are wondering how Chris and his dad "we" are making the fence taller even though  the posts were cut for a 6ft fence, we simply added a 2x4 to the existing post and added a top supporting beam running across.
And then just started screwing in fencing right over it!


To make sure the fencing was lined up even we attached a string on either side and followed it as a guide.  No body wants an uneven fence... thats just wrong...
See how nice and even?

The next day, I even got to help finish... and yes, I do have my own tool belt...
I dont know why I enjoyed it so much, but I kinda dominated the rest of the fence, making sure everything was in place....
Chris helped too...
and yes, for all of you that were over St. Patty's day, that "work" table is actually our shamrock-ed beer pong table... Yay for multifunctional!
Now that all the boards were up and screwed into place, we had to go back and make our doorway out to the alley...
Chris "We" notched out part of the support beam so the door could swing open...

And Chris went into the alley to do the other side...
Rocky, was confused worried panicked upset flustered concerned.

 Since the hinges on our old door were still good, we decided to keep em and simply reinstall them on our new door... plus, I think they are kinda sexy lookin'... dont know why..

For the next step, I had to go into the alley to make sure Chris was screwing into the proper posts...
yea... kinda a jungle back here... just a wee bit
But here's the future door!!
And more trees weeds and stuff! Can you find the boxer in the picture above?
"Why are you back there?? I cant see you when you're back there... and I need to see you 24/7.  Please come back. I cant fit through this gap"
Chris then marked exactly how tall the door would be...
And broke out his handy cordless circular saw (doesnt every household have one??) and cut away...

So once the door was cut, and the hinges and handles installed, we ended up with THIS...
Ohhh, ahhh.... Hooray for another 2 ft of privacy from our back-alley neighbors (we used to be able to see them walking around from our deck.  I dont know if they could see us, but we could DEFINITELY see them... ... ... if you get what I'm saying....)
Here's a close up of Chris's pretty handy work on the door...
We still have two more fences to convert (ie the two on either side of the garage) but for right now it looks awesome...
And Rocky is pretty chill with it...
I know you cant see him, but our other "mascot" is in Chris's lap... Gus is a lot harder to impress.

So  there you have it! Step 2 out of a million!!
 Next step... THE DECK!!!

Seriously, Chris and I get giddy just talking about it.  In case you didn't know, we are adding 300sq ft to our little 10x10 deck and our psyched out of our minds.

Here's a little teaser artist rendering that Chris made of our plans (but who knows, it may change a little)...
There's also going to be a gigantic pergola covering the lower part (that we are making OURSELVES!... $3,000 at Home Depot? I think not... plus, its too small... we need a 20x20)

Cant wait to show you all!!!

Let me know what you think of the process so far!


  1. rocky is easily the best addition to this backyard

  2. You are all amazing. This is really looking great.

  3. The fence looks great. All those pictures reminded me of how we spent our fall - putting up an 8' fence along the back of our property which backs on to a church parking lot. There was NEVER fence there in the 85 years the house has been here. Ahhh, the privacy.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project. I'm now a linky follower and can't wait to see your progress with the backyard. We are living the same lives - renovating an older home (our's is 1935)

  4. I love privacy fences! We have a 6' one and it's plenty for us but it completely transformed our yard last year when we finally did it. Not only can I let my dogs out, I can play with my daughter and know that in the future, she'll play outside with her friends without any issue of neighborhood animals or people. Can't wait to see the deck! We want to add a small deck off our back screened in porch but we already have a jumbo concrete patio!

  5. Wow, I love your yard, it's getting so awesome now. OK, that last sentence makes me sound ridiculous, it must be lack of sleep. I'm going to bed right now. Or at least going to stop writing comments:)

    Happy you are all safe from the crazy weather. Those hail pictures are insane.


  6. "Rocky, was confused worried panicked upset flustered concerned."

    Haha, you just described dog emotions perfectly!!

    I love how your backyard is coming along :)


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