Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adding Creeping flowers... the pretty kind

So the deck is up and running... except for the fact that I really dont enjoy that the lattice on the west part of our deck...
Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the shade and the fact that it SAVES us from the soon-to-be 100-degree days but it just does NOT look that hot (temperature pun intended)
Yea, eww... with a pretty deck, why oh WHY am I letting this side suffer?
I love our little Pottery Barn set that we got for our wedding shower, but the lattice behind it just isnt cutting it.

Enter Home Depot (and advise from my favorite gardening guy: shout out JB!)... Chris and I came home with these pretty little guys...
Westeria, Jasmine Star, and Mandevilla... arent they pretty?... they are all fast-growing, vining flowering plants that bloom at different times of the year... I figure that way, the lattice will stay colorful throughout (most) of the year!

Chris took care of the building the planter box...
Seriously, I dont know where this man would be without his hand saw...

We decided to make it a bit taller than our other planter boxes, especially since we had to balance out the height of the deck.

As always, Rocky was paying close attention so he can someday take over and make his own dog house...
He's so cute when he breaks out his pencil and notepad... adorable

I even got to help!
(side note: I had to really press the back of the drill to get it in their nice and secure... this picture just looks least my guns are showing)

Planter built!!

...and Rocky approved..
Seriously, this dog is OBSESSED with having his photo taken... SOOO full of himself.
Next step was soil!
We also placed a 10" board at the bottom of the lattice so all the soil didnt slip back under the deck.
...and then installed the flowers!!
We plan on growing the outside ones toward the middle and the middle one growing out... that way, when they are all interlacing, one of them will always be in bloom.
I know its just a start, but here's how it looks behind our little table set...
Our Jasmine Star...
And wisteria...
Heres a better picture to get the full scope of the little addition...
So there you have it! They've only been in about a week and between the Miracle Grow and my positive words of encouragement (duh, I talk to them) they seem to be moving slowly but steady.
Has anyone else planted Westeria, Jasmine Star, or Mandevilla? The Jasmine star smells AMAZING!!!


  1. The Jasmine and Mandeville will be fine on your lattice - the jasmine will smell really great and in a couple of years the entire pergala will be covered. The Wisteria is NOT a good idea for the lattice - it is too heavy! I would just go with the jasmine and mandeville and move the wisteria somewhere else - would hate to see all your hard work collaspe under the weight of the wisteria (plus it will take over and crowd out the jasmine and mandeville). Just my experience, but you could check with a nursery (not Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart - they really don't know).
    Hugs -

  2. The jasmine is going to be so lovely to smell when you're out on the deck and they grow so well it will be covered in no time. I was going to suggest you be careful with the wisteria, too. It does get super heavy and grows a thick vine that can really mess up what it's growing on; I've seen it bend metal fences. Honeysuckle grows really well and has a great smell or you could plant another mandevilla if you decide to move the wisteria. There are two types of honeysuckle, one a yellow/white flower and another with a pinkish bloom that's so pretty. I have both growing and they're incredibly easy to care for and grow like weeds! Everything looks amazing and y'all have done a fantastic job!!

  3. that is so lovely. Now I need someplace to put climbing flowers. Besides Kudzu :P

  4. Your plants really look great. Hope you are enjoying your deck. Megan

  5. This looks amazing!! I love all the plants you chose. I grow the jasmine in the back yard. It smells awesome.

    I'm a fellow Texas, so I know the shade will help a lot!!

    I'm like your new plants, I've been creeping around your page and looking at all your wonderful posts. lol!!

  6. I think, in the end, you'll be so glad you did the lattice. The deck looks really amazing! See, you need that chandelier for out here! Ha ha. In the meantime Ikea has some really cute lattice hanging planters that we've used. If you get the kitchen ones they are half the price of the actual garden ones. Okay, been on your blog for an hour today.... must.... go .... back to life! LOL

  7. Looks great! We planted Jasmine Star around a light pole in our yard and it has taken off. It does smell amazing and grows like crazy. Great choice!

  8. I am thinking about combining different vining flowers like you did. I am concerned with how it will work out because my neighborhood everyone does the same thing throughout.
    Could you post an updated picture or update status on how the different vines are working together and intermingling?


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