Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stuff you find on Craigslist: Vintage stuffed cat

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I am a big fan of craigslist.

I have craigslisted everything from new/old furniture, building supplies, appliances, and even roommates (before I was married... found both of my roommates on craigslist and I'm very happy to report they were both WONDERFUL and not serial killers as the made-for-TV-movies suggest...although when one chick moved out, she did steal all my steak knifes... I guess I just hoped she just really enjoyed red meat... Its been a couple years now, so I think we are in the clear if I havent heard something in the news by now)

But back to craigslist; my belief is that with a little looking, patience, and determination, you can find almost ANYTHING on craigslist for a steal of a price.

Enter last week... 
Where: My living room
When: around 9pm
Who: Myself, pup #1 (Gus), pup #2 (Rocky), and my good friend Chardonnay
What: Looking up random stuff on Craigslist
Why: Because I was bored, Chris was out of town for work, and by glass #3 my bbf Chardonnay thought it would be a wonderful idea

There are times when I will search random key words to see what pops up and check if anything strikes my fancy, but I rarely make a call on something unless its something I NEED (which is rare since right now we are in between projects and saving up for the kitchen remodel... yay!).  Most of these searches consist of "Pottery Barn", "Restoration Hardware", and "unique" to name a few, but that day, I decided to get absolutely CRAZY with it and search "vintage" (...Crazy is probably an overstatement but when you work from home and putting on pants is considered a "crazy/wild" day, your definitions change a little)

At first, nothing too exciting... old bed set here, 1970's orange couch there... and then I saw three of the most fantastic words ever typed into Craigslist

Vintage. Stuffed. Cat.

I'm sorry, but EXCUSE ME???  Vintage Stuffed Cat??!!!  Shut. Up.

After I clicked on it, this is what I saw:
Click the ad to see a little bigger
For those of you who can't read it, here's what it says (I've highlighted my favorite parts):
"My grandmother had this cat for almost 15 years before it passed away.
She had grown so accustomed to having it around that she had it stuffed.
The taxidermy was done by the Wilkison Brothers in Massoula Montana in 1953.
There are small wheels on each paw and it can be easily moved.
There is a pull cord on its backside that, when pulled, creates a very soothing meowing sound.
We have several cats of our own but they don't like it one little bit and keep attaching it.
It is in very good condition considering.
I would rather give it away to someone that would appreciate it rather storing it in the garage.
Free to a good home."

Oh Dear Sweet Baby Jesus.

I read through it a couple more times before forwarding the link to everyone that I know.

This just made my day week month YEAR!!

I need this cat.  Im not joking.  Something this amazing does NOT come around that often.


How quickly would Chris serve me with divorce papers if I had this waiting on the mantle for him when he got home? I don't care, this is Beyonce on a whole other level. 

Some of the people I forwarded it to thought it might have been a fake ad but I think whoever this was put WAY too much detail into it to be fake ("taxidermy was done by the Wilkison Brothers in Massoula Montana in 1953"???? who makes that up???.... BTW - that would mean this cat was born in 1938... thats PRE- WORLD WAR II!!!! The cat would be 74 years old!!!

Of course I already wrote them explaining how I have a PURRfectly good home for the stuffed little kitty, but I've yet to hear back... I'll keep you guys updated.

So, besides this craigslist ad making my LIFE complete, what have you guys been up to? Whats the weirdest thing YOU have ever found on craigslist? Or maybe have YOU posted something that was just out of left field.

I would love to hear some stories!!


  1. My husband would love this! Except he's more of a dog person and honestly wanted to stuff our dog when he died (well, it was a joke because the dog was 150 lbs and when he actually died he was 100 lbs skin and bone so it wouldn't have been so pretty). But he did mean it. As for this... it's definitely one of a kind! A meowing, stuffed cat on WHEELS!? Crazy! I keep picturing those pull behind kid toys that tick or make random noises like a quacking duck. Did this old lady pull it with her??

  2. Now THAT is hilarious! I've never bought anything from Craigslist - although I will start searching with your search words! :)

  3. Wow. Don't know if any readers will ever top that one! HA!

  4. Your Beyonce! Love this :) I would probably buy it for my sister....cause, that is HILARIOUS!

  5. It's not a weird thing, but I after a week or so of searching Craigslist and eBay I was able to find a wonderful card catalog for a great price! And every once in a while I look at Craigslist in the "free stuff" category and if I had more time/energy, I could do a lot with that stuff!

    I hope you get your cat.

  6. Right up there as one of the best blogs (and Craigslist posts) EVER! My only hope is that it was listed under "missed connections"?

  7. All I have to say is O M G! I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch!

  8. omg! that is hilarious. AND I clicked on your beyonce link because it sounded familiar and now I'm reading THAT post again and laughing like crazy! thank so much for the laugh!

  9. If it had been a stuffed lynx then I might have been interested... plan tabby cat? everyone has one in Kentucky ;)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  10. Wow...funny and gross at the same time. Good thing it's free!

  11. I just saw a stuffed pig like that on Antique Roadshow last night. When the wheels rolled, the mouth moved and it made a little grunty sound. Value: $2500-3000. I hope you got the free cat...

  12. I once helped clean out my church basement, and in the back of a closet found two slabs of wax, each about 3 inches thick and two feet long by a foot wide. They had been in there since the 1950's at least, and no one knew what they were for. Making candles, maybe? So I listed them for free on craigslist, hoping someone would find a use for them...almost as soon as I posted, someone contacted me and wanted to come get them. Since it was 10 at night I told him I would leave them on the porch. When I got up at 6 the next morning, they were gone. The odd thing was he was driving from a town almost 2 hours away. I emailed him out of curiosity, wondering why in the world would you want old wax so bad that you'd make a four hour round trip in the middle of the night? But I never got an answer. Still haven't figured out that little mystery...

  13. thanks i so needed a good laugh today!

  14. OK, haven't seen you here in a bit...I'm afraid you ran off to get that cat and we may never hear from you again! LOL!

  15. Hello, I am sitting here at my computer in awe of your incredible talent and your amazing blog. I was just out surfing the web and there you were. I am in love with your step by step re-dos.
    I am your newest follower #332. I'm a retired activity director at an assisted living building. It was my job for many years to do crafts, play games, give parties, bring in entertainment and do anything and all things to makes these dear folks enjoy their golden years. Now, I'm approaching mine, LOL. I hope someday there will be someone out there that wants to play with me and throw me a party. I've been strolling through some of your past posts and when I'm done typing this, I plan on going through some more. You have created a beautiful site. Please accept my warm invitation to come over and follow me back. Have a wonderful week,
    I hope to hear from you, Connie :)

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