Monday, June 11, 2012

Why I LOVE garage sales!!

Once again, sorry for my sporadic posting but with summer in full swing and work kicking my booty, I've been pretty busy lately... but of course never too busy to miss out on my Saturday garage sales :-)

As Im sure you remember, Chris and I have been on the hunt for some patio furniture for a while... and by a while, I mean since before the deck was built.  Sooooo I guess thats going on 4 MONTHS now.  I seriously have been scouring garage sales, craigslist, and even dropping the not-so-subtle hints to my parents when they came out to visit from AZ (ie. "I wish we could afford furniture for this super nice deck we built by hand.  But alas, we are too poor. Instead we shall sit upon our blistered hands and lay on the floor like peasants." .... My mom bought me gardening gloves and said to call it even....)

So when hitting up my last garage sale of the day this past Saturday (isn't it always the case where its the LAST one you actually find something?) I found what maybe could be a diamond in the rough...
Buried under a couple few hundred pillows and blankets was this great, durable, large plastic wicker couch and ottoman.  

I about peed my pants when the lady gave me the price of $75 and I rapidly texted a picture to Chris while growling at other people walking the sale for even looking/touching it.  I even contemplated the fake sneeze/cough and rubbing my hands all over it, thus marking it as "mine", but the people running the sale looked pretty classy so I decided to just stick with the evil-eye looks and low grumbles... (Who said watching wild animals on Discovery channel would never pay off???)

About 15 seconds later, I still had no text back from Chris (patience is not one of my strong suits) so I called and awoke my dashing husband to see what he thought of the couch.

"Buy it"
...(back to bed)...

Sweet, now that I had the go-ahead (Chris and I try our best not to buy anything for the house unless we are in 100% agreement) I was able to do my thing: the Art of Negotiating.

Noticing how not all the cushions/pillows were with the set (not that I minded... EASILY fixable) I asked if she would take $60.  

Three Andrew Jackson's later, the couch was mine.
oh ye of little faith... the cushions matter not
 I then had to wake my man back up, and convince him to drive down the 1.5 miles to come help me put it in the car (I kid you not, the thing was SOLID and heavy).

However, when he got there, we had a little trouble fitting it into the back of my SUV.

So we made it to here and said "We were only going a few blocks. It should be fine, right?"
 Chris's uncle is a Dallas cop and I'm 93% sure this isn't street legal...
 For all those curious, we were only one (maybe two) lights away and I went 12mph the entire time with my caution lights on and Chris following me.... TOTALLY SAFE-ish...

Once we backed down the driveway and loaded it into its little nook, it was perfect... and damn if my family doesn't look good sitting on it...
 Now with the pillow issue, I contemplated a couple different options.

1. Just having the bottom cushions with no back ones... which was completely fine and comfortable, but didn't look that cute.
2.  See if I could find some new large back cushions to add to it...
3. Just adding a whole bunch of smaller pillows that people can move around.

Wanting to make it look a little more "complete" I figured I would start with Option 2 and run from there. Since the woman we bought it from said she got it at Costco 2 years ago, I figured it would be a good starting point.

Using some TOTAL guess work (I forgot to measure how large the couch was), I bought 3 "Outdoor Floor Pillows" and a 2-pack of accent pillows and brought them home.


Each of the large pillows were $19.99 and the little 2 pack of accent pillows were $9.99
 Again, by total guess-work, the brown in the patterned pillows perfectly matches the plastic wicker AND the original seat cushions while the green pillows accent the patterned ones.
 Oh and see that little side table thing there to the right of the couch?
 Another garage sale find from that day (not the same sale).  Its a solid wood/igloo ice chest! Perfect for having friends over and not having to run in the house every 5 minutes to grab a beer from the kitchen
 It even has a draining system so it wont get all moldy/musty AND it looks a lot better than just having a plastic cooler out on the deck... a great $20 find since a nice ice chest like this can run you more than $100 at Costco or Kroger.

The whole garage sale Saturday really restored my faith in timing and delayed gratification.  Chris and I were seriously contemplating spending $1,500 for a new set at Costco just last month! Hmmm $1,500 or  $130 for a garage sale find and some new pillows???
Have you guys had any good garage sale finds lately?? Or is there anything you have been looking for that you just can't seem to find?

I would love to hear from you!

P.S - I can't wait to show you guys what's going on in my new "office"!! More details to come Wednesday!!


  1. I love the new cushions! They look awesome!

  2. Garage sales are the best! I need to go to some this year. You really got a steal! and it looks great!:)

  3. SCORE! I'm a wee bit jealous! ok a lot jealous! I love the couch sticking out of the back shot - killer! why didn't you take a picture of your growly face? ha

  4. Great find. and I LOVE that ice chest.

  5. Awesome finds!!! I love the chest and would love to find some more patio furniture. I scored a couch and two chairs, all metal with matching cushions, from my parents who got it from my aunt. It was great and had cost us nothing until my dog ate EVERY SINGLE CUSHION! OMG I was mad!!! So, $200 later in pillows (we had to buy 10 of them!), we have a great looking sofa. We also bought large storage boxes, weather resistant so we're not always moving things in and out, to store them because the dogs are outside a lot. BUT, two of the boxes work as side tables and the biggest one works as additional seating or even a buffet. I guess that's the silver lining... I'm on the look out for a table and chairs though. We have a giant patio and definitely have the room. I'd love a 6 seater (we're a family of 3 but lots of family within 20 minutes or less). Plus, it would provide that many more seats for parties. Guess I need to keep checking out garage sales!!!

    Great pillows, BTW. I wish we had a Costco near by! We have a Sams but it's definitely not the same!

    1. Keep checking out garage sales and estate sales!! Especially in the summer when people are buying new sets, they usually want to get rid of their old ones for cheap!! Good Luck!

  6. What great finds! I really need to get up early on Saturday and hit some garage sales. Lucky you!

  7. It's a good thing I live far away.....I totally would have called you out on that growling with the Rock.Paper.Scissors fight of your lifetime :)

    Nice scores lady and good for you for hanging in there.

  8. I must say you're pretty freakin fantastic. I've never really gone garage sale-ing (not a word, sorry) BUT I really really want to! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Garage saling = TOTALLY a word.

      I'm starting a petition.

  9. Awesome finds and the pillows look great.

    My best garage sale find... a .25 wreath that I'm going to turn into a 4th of July wreath. haha! I've only been to one this year and this was like literally a house down the street. I'm slacking!


  10. That's such a great find! I dream of finding patio furniture that's in that great of condition second hand.

  11. What neighborhoods do you visit to find these great garage sales?!?


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