Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Life Update

So between all our home DIY, painting furniture, and spray painting ventures, we have a pretty awesome normal life here in Dallas... Great friends, pups, and plenty of fun stuff to do! I thought I would share some of my favorite moments from the past two week.

I have some pretty awesome friends.  A lot of whom, I met while at OU.  Majoring in Broadcast Journalism, everyone went to different markets after graduation and I am lucky enough that a few of us landed in DFW.
Me, Ashley, and Jen
Ashley and I are out of the industry but our friend Jen just moved to Dallas to report weather on Ch 4 Fox!!  It was great to get in a good girls night out and talk about the good ol' days of college news reporting.

We also can't forget the guys...
And no, they are actually straight in case you were wondering...
Jared and Sam (I perfer everyone call him "Man Sam" to keep people from getting us confused...I also sometimes go by "Lady Samm" when in the group) were all over last week including our friends Jenn, Blake, and Amanda.  This probably has to be my favorite picture since they are both true "manly man" (Jared is even in the Army) and the little white fluffy dog just completes this "are-they? or aren't-they?" picture.  Loves.

Last week, we decided to try something new and headed to downtown Dallas to a new little microbrewery called "Deep Ellum Brewery". 

For $10 you got a tour, souvenir glass, and 3 glasses of beer in any of their brews.  I think they do it every Saturday starting around 1p and maybe some nights for Happy Hour on Thursdays.  They even had live music and a food truck!!
Love that it says "Dallas Blonde".... little creeped out by the scary doll
It was actually a lot of fun!  I even ran into someone who recognized me from this blog! (Shout out to Brandi!)  It was terrific to meet her and her husband and I'm so humbled that she took the time to come over and say hello! Such a pleasant surprise!

Shopping:  Its no secret that I love HomeGoods. Even times when I really dont need anything, I still love going and browsing around.  Enter a couple days ago when I was running errands and decided to stop in.

First thing that caught my eye, was this leather chair.
High-wingback and nail head accents had me DROOLING to get it for Chris (I promised him a "Man Chair" when we first moved into the house over a year and a half ago that I have YET to deliver on), but with this piece being $249 (a bit out of my price range) and the fact that it doesn't recline (Chris's only want) I passed on it.

Then, enter this thing...
White-mounted-deer-head-thing... it was VERY angular but kinda cool at the same time.  I thought it would look cute in my office but wasnt sure if it was worth the $40 HomeGoods was asking (Do you know how much stuff you can buy with $40 at a garage sale?!!).  So I took a picture and sent it to Chris ask his opinion... here's how the conversation went:
Samm: OMG. NEED. not want
Chris: Haha! How much? Where did you find that?
S: HomeGoods $40.  Is it $40 cute?
C: It's a tiny bit creepy, very angular. Where would it go?
S: In the house
C: Where?
S: With the other things.
S: Fine. I'll put it back.
C: Its up to you.
S: DAMN IT!! You made me put it down and someone else just totally swooped in outta nowhere and took it.  Was she tailing me??? Where the hell did that lady come from??
(insert a lot of crying emoticons) 
C: It wasnt meant to be.
S: No, screw that.  Im now stalking her around the store.
C: Please dont get arrested.
S: Dear God this woman has a death grip on it.  She's carrying it like a football.

I then proceeded to follow this woman until she checked out and left the store.  Stalker-creepish? Maybe, but COME ON I just put it down.  I didnt even walk away! I was standing right next to it and she swooped in like a hawk.  Duly noted for next time... the women shopping at HomeGoods do NOT play around.... Game on, bi*ches...

To cap it off, I will leave you with this image of my husband's car:
 Yes, that is a missing mirror on the driver's side.  Of course, I get in to drive to Ft Worth (a mere 45 min away) and start freaking out that someone had spray painted his mirrors, vandalized his car, and now has a possible hit out on him.  He assured me that no one was trying to black out his mirrors (thats what they WOULD do if they didnt want you to see them coming!! HELLO! Would no one ELSE have been freaked out?!) and that his mirror had simply "fallen off" while driving on the freeway.  The dude drives a Saab... mirrors dont just "fall off".

After saying all the prayers I knew and memorized in Catholic School, I made it safely to Ft Worth but made Chris PROMISE to get a new mirror asap.  (Dangerous does not even BEGIN to describe it).

A few days later, I use his car to run to the bank, and see this...

I guess I should have been a little more specific.



  1. Hahahahahaha - "Objects in the mirror....." I am surprised at and a little proud of you for not linebacker tackling that woman and taking the deer head thingy back. Shows great restraint and assures my solemn belief in the genteelness of Southern women :)

  2. omg I am dying about the mirror. I hate when people swoop up things you are thinking about. but hey, we do it too :)

  3. Sorry you missed out on the awesome find at home goods! Maybe next time you'll find something even better :)

  4. Bah--crazy lady! I can't believe she swiped that deer head right in front you of! I'm a new follower--can't wait to read more on decorating your home :)

  5. Yay! Shout out to me! Thank you so much for letting me be a stalker haha :) So awesome to meet ya'll

    1. Great to meet you too!! (I'll change the post so your name is spelled correctly ;-)

  6. I love Deep Ellum! It's such a quirky cute area with some interesting little eateries. I live about a mile away in a little historical district and go through there at least twice a week.

    There's a lot of TV and film production in Deep Ellum. Last year we watched a truck drive through a restaurant wall for a network show. They also do the ZombieWalk in October which is a real hoot! You should check it out.

    1. How fun!! We will definitely have to check that out!! Thanks!


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