Thursday, September 13, 2012

"It looks so good" teaser...

Hey sorry I havent posted in a couple days but with work kicking into overdrive and prepping our plans for Europe we have been pretty slammed.

Oh yea, did I mention we are going to EUROPE?!  Although Chris and I got married in October 2011, we REALLY wanted to go to Oktoberfest in Germany for our honeymoon and instead of pushing up our date or taking a pre-marriage honeymoon (is that even a thing?) we decided to save up and go in 2012 so our wallets and psyche would be ready for it.

Long story short, we leave in 4 days.... so excited I could literally pee my pants (...bonus points for awkward visual...).  We are having a buddy stay at the house while we are gone so we know our furry little gentlemen will be well taken care of.

ANYWAY, we are still getting some stuff done before we leave and wanted to tease you with these non-Chris-approved pictures as a teaser for a SUPER nice change we made.
View of my husband's awesome bum... (without his knowledge)...

View of Chris as he tells me "Seriously, put the camera away"
Sorry these pics are kind of blurry (I took them with my cell phone all stealth-ninja like since I was trying to stay out of Chris's way but still be able to somewhat explain what we he was doing).

Should have it unveiled by tomorrow, if not first thing Monday, but its definitely something that Chris and I starred at last night after finishing and just repeated the phrase "It looks so good.  I mean really, it looks so good.  So good."

Can't wait to share!


P.S- Sorry, but going back to our little Europe getaway.  We are also going Paris and London in addition to Munich.  Anyone have any suggestions of stuff that we HAVE to do?  It's my first time across the pond :-)


  1. Have fun on your trip!! I have never been across the pond so i cant give out tips. I am a pro on packing though because i travel a ton with my job. Let me know if you need some help with that. :)

  2. I would go to one of the many Holocaust museums and concentration camps. In Munich you should go to the Residenz Royal Palace and definitely St. Peter's Church... gorgeous! So many things to do in Germany!

  3. In Paris you HAVE to have ice cream from Berthillon. It amazing.

    Here's the wikipedia (their website is in French):

  4. In Paris you HAVE to go to Monmartre and you have to go at night. Artists still paint by candle light and the square is surrounded by little cafes and such. In London I recommend going to the theater district to catch a show. If you go last minute you can get steals on seat for as low as $15 to some huge shows. We say The Reduced Shakespeare Company and if it's still there it's a must. Hilarious!

  5. Samm - We went to London, Edinburgh & Paris last year. Had a fabulous time. Trains & subways are the way to go. In London, Westminster Abbey was well worth it and the British Library. A lot of museums are free in Great Britain. The Louvre in Paris is free on Sunday, but way, way crowded. The changing of the guard in London was very crowded too, but we went in summer and things are more crowded then. We also saw Wicked in the West End and that was wonderful. If you get Rick Steves' guidebook, you can get lots of info and discounts. Get an oyster card in advance if you can(for riding the subway in London). They don't call it a subway. I have ton of advice, because I planned our trip from beginning to end - 12 days and we even stayed in a castle in Scotland. Also, food is more expensive. Btw, I live in Denton County, so we are kinda neighbors. I grew up in Irving. Hope you have the time of your life!

    Kim N.

  6. Have fun on your trip! Take lots of pictures because you totally have to share them when you get back!

    Melissa from1 Pirate & 2 Princesses

  7. When you visit Paris you have to climb the Arc de Triumpth at night, can't remember the closing time but in October will will get dark early, you get to see a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower (Tour de Eiffel). Which is what most people go to Paris for isn't it?
    I second the Oyster Card on the Tube in London, you will save a heck of a lot and it's much quicker to get around, you can get them from the self serve machines or the service desk.

    There's plenty to do in London, lots of free galleries and depending when your going plenty of markets! Just don't forget the raincoats!


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