Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Downton Abbey Season 3 - online links

So apparently I struck a cord with y'all... not housing updates... not painting furniture... but Downton Abbey, Season 3.
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Its awesomely refreshing to know that I am not the only one out there screaming at the TV, "BUT WHAT ABOUT MR. BATES?!"... "Poor Edith, everyone hates her"... and "Ok will Matthew and Mary just hook up already?!"... because, seriously, I love these people.
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If you havent started watching Downton Abbey, I highly recommend trotting over to RedBox and starting with Season 1.  Give it 2 episodes and you will be hooked.

But, for those of you who are already on the Downton Abbey wagon, I thought I would share to you my secrets of getting Season 3 (now airing in the UK) online.

Technically, its not airing in the US until January, but I am extremely impatient (one of Chris's favorite qualities) so with the help of the Downton Abbey facebook page and from doing a little trial and error, I have found the best way to watch Season 3 online with the rest of the world just like God intended.

step 1:

step 2:
click on the blue button "View all search results"

step 3:
select the first one... source marked ""

step 4:
"Click play to view video in new window"... it will open up another window

step 5:
look past the ad and click "continue to video"... this will also cause another ad window to pop up... just close out of that window

step 6:
you should be able to see the screen... there will be a big red button on the screen but thats just an ad box... you should see an "x" just to the top right of it... click that to exit the ad then see the greyish "play" button underneath it...

I recommend starting it, then immediately stopping it to let it catch up with itself a little.

You can continue to use this same formula for the rest of the episodes (I believe last week was episode 5) and so far, it has always worked for me.

You don't HAVE to use "" but I also like to use "vidvixen" or "sockshare"... they always seem to work for me.  Try and stay away from ones from "cbsnews" or "pbs" because they will just take you to news and the official website.

I also know there are a lot of ads you have to "x" out of, but its a small price to pay to keep with the latest and greatest at Downton Abbey.

So there you have it! I would love to know if everything works for you guys! You can either comment or write me directly through my "Contact Us" if you have a specific question.



  1. Thanks! Now I just need to find a free place to see season 2. Lol. Dang PBS took it off right before I could get to it and it's not on Netflix. :-( Can't wait to do your season 3 trick tho.

  2. Sally, The same formula should work for Season 2!! Just change the original link to say "Season_2" instead of 3... Good luck!

  3. didnt you just bawl your eyes out for the last episode? it was awful. can't wait for next week!

  4. I was able to watch Season 3 Episode 1 no problem. When I tried to do the same for Episode 2, the screen was unresponsive and just prompted me to sign up for a premium account. Boo hoo!!!!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

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