Monday, October 15, 2012

Small Lil' update: Chris LOVES when I do projects in the house...

Again, I promise I've not given up on this blog....

Hi, Hello, yes I'm still here...Lurking in the shadows trying to keep up with my full time job (that I seriously LOVE!!), keeping the house some-what in order, being a good wife and dog mom, and all the while balancing Parks and Rec, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, 666 Park Avenue and illegally downloading season 3 of Downton Abbey from the UK.

Chris and I also have some exciting news to share (No, we aren't pregnant), but some BIG changes are coming to the house and we are stupid with excitement to share with y'all.

As soon as I find time in between taking the boys on a walk and the commercials of The Mindy Project, I will fill everyone in.

In the mean time, please enjoy the current view of our living room...
Yes, I am attempting a personal Pinterest challenge and painting (yes, PAINTING) two wingback chairs.  (And might I say; any wife looking to impress their husband with their DIY skillz should definitely set up shop in their living/tv room.  Chris loves it and has been totally encouraging.  He even thinks the impromptu trash bag drop clothes really class up the place and suggests I should start doing all my projects inside.  He especially loves finding little drops of paint on the hardwood and smiling ear to ear for my unique creativity... ... .... ... ... ... ... ...)

As soon as I finish them up (today? tomorrow? by the intro of Modern Family?) and get them in their final home, Chris's blood pressure will drop 50 points I will have a fun post all about it, including the awesome before and afters.

Have you guys ever attempted anything like this before? Painting furniture? Bringing a project inside because its closer to the remote and Grey's Anatomy? Make WAY too man references to current TV shows and decide that you need to get out more?


  1. can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. I'll certainly be back to see how they turn out, I have a wingback in the basement and I thought it would look good in the bedroom, hope it's easy:)

  3. I'm interested to find out the comfort of painted upholstery- is it stiff and scratchy? Does it wear well?

  4. I just wanna know how you get the UK version! Haha

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