Monday, October 8, 2012

The Good, the bad, and the vintage...

Hey all!!! Ok I have some good news, some not so good news, and some more good news.

Good News #1:  My trade show last week was WONDERFUL and will hopefully generate a lot of new business for me.  All my meetings went off without a hitch and definitely revived my inner-sales-rep that I love what I do, who I work for, and the companies I represent.  I am one LUCKY girl!

Not-So-Good news: I am still catching up a bit from my trade show (and being gone in Europe for two weeks right before the show started) so work has stacked up a bit.  I haven't forgotten about posting pictures or giving fun new updates, but with work being my bread, butter, and mortgage maker, I really have to focus on that first.  Even though I promise the fun stuff is coming!

Here's a little teaser of an upcoming change for our living room
Its never really good when your ceiling fan is almost low enough to decapitate your bun.

Good News #2:  I have a FANTASTIC article for you all today from a guy by the name of Toby Leonard.  Im not being paid or anything to post this article, I just thought it was a fun interesting read for you all to enjoy!  Its about incorporating vintage pieces into your home, which as you may have guessed, I am all about! (maps, globes, etc)

Have a read and let me know what you guys think.  What vintage pieces do you have in your house? Or are you one of those people who buys something new but its made to look vintage-ie? (Pottery Barn/Crate and Barrel/Restoration Hardware anyone?)

Fall 2012 Home Design Trend: How to Incorporate Vintage American Elements Into Your Home

Every 20 years or so, certain things get recycled into the mainstream. The revolving door of what's cool has reached as far back as the early 60s with wayfarer sunglasses and thin ties. When it comes to the home, decor of days gone by is back, reminding us of simpler times. This fall, vintage style is tapped to be in full force for home decor.

Even modern styled homes can use vintage elements to give your home a sense of history. Be careful to use vintage elements selectively in your home. The goal is to add interest and style, not create a living museum display of a particular pattern. Take a walk down memory lane and check out these vintage ideas for your home.

Fabric Accents

Vintage look throw pillows are great conversation starters. Vintage product labels reborn as fabrics are a fantastic way to liven up neutral slipcovered sofas and love seats. Needlework pillows or prints with needlework styling also give a vintage feel. In the kitchen, crocheted wash cloths and hand towels give a throw-back feel, as can classic style potholders.

Embroidery hoops can be used to create a display wall featuring several vintage fabric patterns and liven up a dull wall. This is a tremendously easy project that can be done with scrap fabric you have at home, selected from garments at a thrift store, or replica fabrics from your favorite fabric store.

Wall Decor

Maps are a great way to add visual interest to your wall and give a bit of vintage flair. Whether you find an authentic antique or a replica, they make great wall art. Choose a map that represents a special place or time, like your hometown during a prominent historical event. Other great tie-ins are maps of the place you got engaged or married or your parents' home town. Replica maps can also make for great photo mats to create a common theme with a cluster of pictures. A world map can serve to highlight the places you've been and the places you still want to go.

Classic metal signs are a favorite item of Americana collectors. A series with your favorite brand, like Coca-Cola can be scattered throughout a room to add a burst of color and whimsy.


The right piece of furniture can give a room full of modern furniture a vintage feel. A well worn steamer trunk can be used as a unique sofa table or headboard for a twin bed, while, at the same time, providing storage for infrequently used items. A large armoire can disguise a television or computer when they are not in use. Hard-cover suitcases can be used individually or stacked in a living room to store video game accessories, music equipment, or DVDs.

Small Accents

A set of vintage tins makes for excellent decorative storage in a kitchen or bathroom. Mason jars are evocative of better times gone by, when Grandma made her own jam and preserves, and they can be used for anything from vases to candle holders to windowsill herb planters.
Modern electronics can be disguised or replaced with well designed vintage or vintage-look counterparts. Metal table fans evocative of the 1940s or 1950s are far more visually interesting and often work as well as current styles. Tired of looking at blinking lights on your router? The shell of a hardcover book can disguise it in plain sight to maintain signal quality and design harmony.
The key is to be simple and subtle.

With present design focused on sleekness, don't be afraid to dust off the classics and get vintage.


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