Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting excited about the little stuff... our (AWESOME) new faucet

Appliances aren't the only new thing we have to buy for the kitchen... its the tiny stuff that's pretty thrilling to buy too...

Like faucets... who in their right mind gets excited about a faucet?!  Me, this weirdo right here...

Chris and I cook a LOT (correction: CHRIS cooks a lot) but that means we need to have a super functional faucet since the one we have now is stuck facing one direction.  As you can probably guess this makes it pretty difficult to use when cleaning pots, pans, glasses, etc.

So after a lot of looking around at big box stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, etc, we found ourselves at a builders surplus here in Dallas, Seconds & Surplus.
Since buying at a surplus its kinda a crap-shoot since you never really know what you'll get, we were floored when we saw this beauty right when we walked in.
 Definitely more industrial than the "country cottage"/"shabby chic" we are going for in the kitchen, but after seeing a very similar model in a friend's house and getting the chance to play with it, both of us knew it would be the most practical choice for us.  Especially as often as we cook and clean, a heavy-duty sprayer is a must.

On top of finding exactly what we wanted (seriously, when does that ever happen?!), the price was pretty awesome too: $227.50!... Take  that compared to the $499.99 Home Depot one we saw; a whopping $250+ savings!!! Score!!

So now, we have this little beauty sitting at home, just WAITING to be installed.
 Ahhhh SO EXCITED!!! A working, movable faucet?! What else could a girl ask for?!?!?!?!



  1. I seriously can not wait to see what this all turns out like. How exciting for you and no it's not silly to get excited about a faucet I think it's great!

  2. I would be so excited about a wonderful new faucet like that too...I think lots of people get excited over new cool household things...making the house work for you is so important and the fact that it is a beauty is awesome...

  3. You are definitely not alone on your faucet hype. I was the same way when I got mine, which, by the way, looks just like yours. Let me just say that you guys made a great choice, because not only are they super functional, but I see them EVERYWHERE now, very much the "it" faucet of today.

  4. I got very excited over taps (faucets). When you have one that doesn't work the way it should, it's a pain a hundred times a day, so getting what you want it as important as the appliances you choose. I wanted exactly what you have but hubby had concerns about overexcited and sometimes grumpy teenagers playing with it LOL So I was happy to get one that was the right or the sink and didn't spray water everywhere every time I used it (as my old one did).

  5. "Ahhhh SO EXCITED!!! A working, movable faucet?! What else could a girl ask for?!?!?!?!" This is funny! I think my girlfriend would say the same thing! Heavy duty faucets are really important especially if you are fond of cooking and cleaning. We use kitchen faucets more than any other faucet at home, and buying a faucet that would withstand a tremendous amount of household chores is a definite “Yes”! Of course, the design is a also a plus factor. :)

  6. It’s the simple things that get me excited as well, Samm! I believe you picked the right kind of faucet for your kitchen sink. ^_^ Just don’t let it go to waste, and have it installed properly by a professional.{Althea Tumlin}

  7. Althea is right. That very pretty faucet will lose its glamour if it’s not installed properly. Sometimes, installation of faucets is a piece of cake, and I hope you’ll be able to do it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the use of that new faucet, especially when you guys are cooking. :)

    [ Carmella Vancil ]


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