Wednesday, March 27, 2013

...and then I cried over Rocky Road ice cream

Since the oh-so fun announcement that Chris and I are expecting our first little one coming this September, I have already been bombarded with all the A-typical pregnant questions from friends and family...

Have you had any morning sickness?  (no)
Cravings? (eh, not really)
Do you have super senses now? (like what? spidey senses? no, I have not turned into Spiderman)
Are you tired? (yes, all the time)
Why don't you look pregnant? (because its still early, I'm tall, and the little bugger has a lot of room to swim around in there)

Pregnancy so far has been just fine and every day has come and gone without a hitch.

That was, until last week.

Chris and I were innocently just sitting around watching TV, when all of a sudden I had the feeling as though my life would end if I did not have some Rocky Road ice cream.

I asked Chris if we had any, to which he replied no, but we could get some next time we went to the store.

That wouldn't do.

What happened next, can only be described by video.  Enjoy
Here's the exactly link to it on youtube in case the video isn't working - 

I had heard of the cravings and random mood swings that come with pregnancy, but I never thought I would get both at once.  Thank goodness my super-sweet, supportive husband was there to capture this little moment for all the world to see.

Honestly though, this was too good NOT to share.  I hope my embarrassment has brightened your Wednesday :-)



  1. OMG hilarious! I so had a first trimester meltdown NEEDING an A&W teen burger once. At 4am. My husband didn't film it but your vid sure looks familiar :) Hang in there, it gets weirder...lmao

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh my, that's awesome! Thanks for the giggle!

  3. Awesome! My hubs didn't know what to do the first time this happened to me. No video of it, but I'm sure it was super similar. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. This is sooo funny, I am showing it to my husband so he will know some of the crazy stuff to expect when we have kids!

  5. Congratulations- get ready for the roller coaster ride. He's pretty brave for hitting record.

  6. Truly a classic.

    Special thanks to your husband for filming "the episode"...and for surviving the filming (not so sure I would have let him survive filming me! :))

    And bravo to you for sharing it!

    You made me giggle! Enjoy every mood swing you go through...then you can enjoy your child's as they grow...and your own again when you go through menopause! :)

    Happy Easter!

  7. Aww! Too cute! Congratulations!! So excited for you guys!


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