Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Belly update: Week 16

I put these pictures up on my personal Facebook but thought you guys might want to see them as well.

I'm sure all of your are well familiar with all the adorable baby bump week by week pictures on Pinterest (if you're not, I suggest you take a look... they're freakishly cute and somehow all look like they were taken by professionals) so I thought I would start keeping track of my own progress (read: amateur).

If you missed earlier weeks, I've just decided to list them right below the newest picture.  That way we can really see me poppin'.  It starts at week 12 and I decided not to do any before then, because honestly, you can't tell.

So without further adieu,  here's week 16.

So let's see here... any 16 week updates? ummm

I think I strained my abs sneezing yesterday... that's exciting pathetic different.  I'm still doing yoga and taking the dogs on really long walks but I heard I may have to give up yoga (its just the basic one at my gym...not special prenatal yoga or anything).  I can't do upward facing dog, anything that has to do with my abs (isnt that everything?), and even avoid corpse pose... Honestly, I can't even do the position which just requires me to do nothing except lay on my back?!  (Something about my uterus interfering with blood flow...)

Speaking of laying on my back, sleep is getting more difficult.  I'm used to sleeping like a starfish with one hand covering Chris's face and one leg gently pushing him off the bed (what can I say, I'm a catch) but now I'm restricted to only sleeping on my side (everything I read says to sleep on your left side) which naturally makes me either want to ONLY sleep on my back, or get a little cheat sleep in on my right side.  Does anyone know if those full body pillows help?

Only a month away from finding out the sex!! Whoo-hoo!!


  1. I swear by my Snoogle body pillow (found it cheapest a few years ago at Burlington). I'm a stomach sleeper usually, and when sleeping on my side I like to have something to snuggle. It helps that it's curved, so you can put it between your knees, which really helps with pelvic pain.
    Oh, when you feel a sneeze coming on, try to curl over yourself beforehand. That's always helped to not strain my belly

  2. The snuggle will be your best friend. Get one ASAP. Hopefully, Chris won't get too jealous. It's seriously that awesome!!!!

  3. You had me giggling with the yoga section.
    Don't worry too much about how you are sleeping. I would suggest sleeping on your tummy while you can! (Eventually it starts to hurt). haha. I slept however I felt and was comfortable with and my three pregnancies were just fine!

  4. I just had my first abd was given the boppy pregnancy body pillow. Saved my life! I am a back sleeper, so learning to sleep on my side was hard. This was such a help. I did, however, always wake up on my back at some point. Turns out, my baby is totally fine :) by the time you are big enough for your uterus to actually restrict blood flow, being on your back is super uncomfortable.

  5. I found that even a small extra pillow was helpful. I would sleep on my left side with my right thigh perpendicular to my body and resting on the pillow.

    With my first pregnancy (it was twins), I couldn't lie on my back or I'd feel faint. That made ultrasounds tough -- I had to be propped up enough, or even be on my side for an ultrasound!

    Pregnancy is pretty crazy, but the result is awesome! And it's so nice *after* the baby arrives to be able to sleep however is comfortable for you. :)


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