Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 24... 6 months along

So... this is how 6 months of pregnancy feels.... honestly, not too shabby.

For some reason, I figured I would look and feel a bit like a beached whale or seem as though I'm smuggling beach balls out of WalMart, but I'm actually feeling pretty good!

Besides the occasional 1am "I-must-eat-or-I-will-die-of-stravation" accompanied with kicking, punching, and what I assume is headbutting from little baby Y, all is good in the hood.

Chris and I start birthing classes soon (we are doing the Bradley method since I'll be having this baby all-naturale) and I'm really excited to get started!  Has anyone done Bradley before? I would love to hear your experiences or what YOU tired that helped with birth/labor.

Without further adu, here's my week 24 pic along with all the others back to week 12!
 Any other pregnant/future mama's out there?

Oh, I also have to give a shout-out to my friend Sally who recently welcomed her son, Duke Reily, into the world!!  Everyone is happy, healthy, and ADORABLE! Sally is such an awesome inspiration to know there is a light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our nursery: brough to you by Craigslist

Y'all, Craigslist has done it again!

While the nursery is still isnt anywhere NEAR to ready for little boy Y in September, step by step we have made some progress... and on the CHEAP too!!

While parusing Craigslist, like I do almost everyday, I stumbled across THIS little treasure that caught my eye.
Different... unique... and can we take a moment and talk about the feet?!  HOW FREAKIN COOL?!

Measuring 55" long and 34" high, its the exact size we were looking for to fit in the room to use as a changing table (not too long, but nice and tall since Chris and I are so big)!!

For $300, it was a bit out of our price range since I was hoping to find an older piece and fix it up with chalk paint and/or stain, but this was just way too unique to pass up without seeing it. 

So I made the 45 minute drive from Dallas to Waxahachie (aka. the middle of no where)
My apologies if you DO live in Waxahachie... this man's HOUSE was in the middle of no where
 When I arrived at the house, I was greeted by a 65 year old, 5'5, 250lbs man without a shirt on (hooray people of craisglist!!... ... ...).  Luckily, the piece was already in his garage and we stayed outside and discussed it while he threw on a hawaiian button down (minus fastening the buttons)  and told me how it was his great-grandmother's but he simply didnt have room for it anymore.

Looking over the detail, hand-carved wood, and noticing how the piece was in great shape for being as old as he said it was, I knew I love it from the moment I saw it.  But playing the Craigslist game, I hmm-ed and uhhh-ed for a while, "kicking the tires" as you will, before I asked if he would take $175.  He countered with $225 and we settled on $200... S-C-O-R-E.

All 5.5 months pregnant of me, him, and his neighbor loaded it into my car and I drove away calling Chris on my cell to brag about my find (don't worry, I checked with him before I even went to look at it AND gave him the address of where I was going JUST in case).

When Chris got home for work, we eagerly look it out of my car, wiped away some cob webs and gave it a good once over with some Old English wood polisher.... The thing came out prettier than a penny.

Next step was getting it IN the actual nursery, especially since I didn't want it sitting outside in the humidity or getting dusty after we had just cleaned it, which proved to be a little difficult, but finally worked.
We had it lay on a towel for a bit to protect the rug from the Old English... and no judgement for how dirty this room is... Its a work in progress
 But once we got everything moved and into place, I freakin' loved it.
 I mean really, come on... it just SCREAMS masculine little boys room.  I love how unique it is and keeps the room from feeling too "mass market produced".  I think its always smart to have at least one aniquey piece to keep a room from feeling like something you would see in a Rooms2Go showroom.
Sorry these pictures are so bad, I just snapped em real quick with my iPhone
 As the room comes together more, we definitely have some decoration plans for above the new dresser as well as fixing the shelves in the two main cabinets and/or maybe making them into slide out shelving.

Oh, and in addition, you see that rocking chair in there?

Yep, its also a Craigslist find... a POTTERY BARN ROCKER, in perfect condition... $40... yes, as in two Jacksons.  Sure, we had to drive an hour to get it (to a little town called Aledo, west of Fort Worth) but totally worth it since these chairs go for more than $800 brand new.

AND to make matters even better, I sold a Pottery Barn dresser/hutch which I had planned on keeping for the nursery from my estate sale find a few weeks ago (after selling everything else, it was completely FREE) for $300... which keeps me in the black for everything in this room so far (minus the rug).

Ugh, Craigslist, how I love you.

Anyone else striking gold recently?  I would love to hear your best craigslist finds!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

I found my next project.. any ideas what to do with it?

Everyone needs a little break from office work in the middle of the day... most normal people go out to lunch, hangout by the water cooler, go and talk to other co-workers, etc. 

I, working from home, have none of these options (unless you count walking to the kitchen and talking to the dogs).   So, when I need a little break, I like to visit my friend Craig and his "list"... just to browse...
Over the past couple weeks, I have definitely SOLD a lot more than I've purchased (flipping some estate/garage sale finds... details to come) but every now and then I like to see what people are selling JUST to see if there's a deal too good to pass up.

My friend Jenn and I send each other links throughout the day (obviously when we are really busy) and this morning she sent me this...
Ummmm yea... this is fantastic.  I love the untreated butcher cutting block and think the little wooden/medal trimmed wheels are amazing.

For $25 (I had Chris pick it up for $20... love that man) I am eager to get it back home and let go to town.

There are so many great possibilities with the piece, Im having a hard time deciding what to do with it?

1. Sand it down, stain it?  Use it as a drink cart for outside refreshments?
2. Paint it with some Anne Sloan chalk paint and shabby-chic it up a little? Maybe put some wine glass holders under the cutting block for extra storage?
3. Clean it up a little, give it a good ol coat of outdoor polyurethane protection, and cut a whole in the top to make a little planter out of it?

What do you guys think? I would LOVE some input!! Thanks!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 22... 5.5 months and counting

I hate to be "that" girl, but honestly, pregnancy and I are working out like two peas in a pod.

I feel fantastic, I have great energy, my hair looks and feels FANTASTIC, and weight gain has been at a minimum (mostly the only thing gaining weight it my future little man).

In my last check-up, we went over blood work and my ultra sound we had two weeks ago and I'm happy to report that everything looks completely NORMAL! (which happens to now be my favorite word for this pregnancy)

I'm starting to feel him move around a lot more, which is both extremely creepy and amusing at the same time... I swear yesterday he tried to 1-2 punch me.... Yes, a black belt at -4 months old.

The cool thing is I'm also finally starting to look a bit pregnant... I was in that "Is that chick bloated?/I think she just ate a gigantic burrito" stage for a while, but now I am wearing an ever so slight bump oh-so proudly.

Without further adieu, here is my picture for week 22.

I know I say all this now, but all in all I am VERY lucky that its been so cool here in Dallas... seriously, its in the 70's today where this time last year we were near 100.  I just hope this doesn't mean that we are going to have a long, hot summer when it does get here... I've already talked to Chris about investing in additional in-room AC units for my office and the bedroom.

Does anyone have any additional info that I should be catching up on at this point in the pregnancy?  I would LOVE any and all suggestions...  THANK YOU!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Craigslist Confessions: WHY?

As you all know, I love me some Craigslist... I buy and sell a ton of stuff on there, but what REALLY makes me the happiest, is when I find just RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM things.

Its kind of turned into a joke between me and my mom... who can find the most random/bizarre item or picture on Craigslist...

As of yesterday, my mom has taken the lead...

Here is picture 1:
Couple of questions for ya:
1. What is happening here?
2. What the hell is on the back of her head?
3. Where on Earth do you find purple spandex maternity wear?
4.  Is that a massage chair to the right?
5. What was the conversation when taking the picture??
- "hey sweetie, I'm taking a picture for Craigslist.  Would you mind moving for half a..."
- "F*** OFF!!!"
- "ok, never mind, you look great there..."

And in case anyone would enjoy nightmares tonight, here's another ad (with TWO pictures!) for your viewing pleasure:

1. Is that a man or a large child?
2.  Is he there by choice? or by force?
3. Does he come with the desk? Why else would he be in this picture?
4. Why is he hiding in that corner like an evil minion about to attack your ankles?
5 Convo:
- "Hey honey, I wanna scare the hell out of a lot of people on Craigslist and make sure this desk NEVER sells.  Would you please go hide in the corner and look as much like an evil ghost as possible?  Thanks."


On second thought, don't answer that... just thank you for making my Tuesday a slightly more amusing/disturbed.

Anyone else find some good ads recently?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 20... it's a_____!!!

Sorry all... Its been crazy around here recently.... and I know this post is a week late... I'm sorry...

The good news is that I've successfully made it to month 5 of my pregnancy, and Chris and I were able to go and see the gender of our future little one via ultra sound last Tuesday...

And, I am VERY happy to report...
 Bring on the mud, dirt, and little bow-ties!!
Honestly, Chris and I couldn't be any happier!  Not that we wouldn't love a girl, its just Chris and I are a bit rougher around the edges (ie. loving power tools and sports... I don't have the 1st idea about ballet, dance, or anything in the "pink" family).  We also both come from all boys (he's one of three and I have one brother) so starting things off with a boy is our dream come true!

The best news of the ultrasound was that everything looked healthy, happy, and growing just as he should!

Of course everyone now wants to know what we've thought of for names, but we are actually keeping the name-game under wraps; from everyone (even parents and in-laws!).  We figured it would be nice to have something just between Chris and I and it's been fun to throw names around while we are driving or eating dinner.

Without further adieu, here is my 20 week pic...

 A week from today (aka. week 22) I go in for another check-up since the ultra sound was JUST an ultra sound and not part of an appointment (I'm sorry, did you expect me to wait until week TWENTY-TWO to find out if it was a boy or girl? No, so of course I made a special appointment)

I also had one of the best garage/estate/yard saling weekends of my life last week and can't wait to share more about it...

Ok enough procrastinating... I have to get back to work... yay!