Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Craigslist Confessions: WHY?

As you all know, I love me some Craigslist... I buy and sell a ton of stuff on there, but what REALLY makes me the happiest, is when I find just RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM things.

Its kind of turned into a joke between me and my mom... who can find the most random/bizarre item or picture on Craigslist...

As of yesterday, my mom has taken the lead...

Here is picture 1:
Couple of questions for ya:
1. What is happening here?
2. What the hell is on the back of her head?
3. Where on Earth do you find purple spandex maternity wear?
4.  Is that a massage chair to the right?
5. What was the conversation when taking the picture??
- "hey sweetie, I'm taking a picture for Craigslist.  Would you mind moving for half a..."
- "F*** OFF!!!"
- "ok, never mind, you look great there..."

And in case anyone would enjoy nightmares tonight, here's another ad (with TWO pictures!) for your viewing pleasure:

1. Is that a man or a large child?
2.  Is he there by choice? or by force?
3. Does he come with the desk? Why else would he be in this picture?
4. Why is he hiding in that corner like an evil minion about to attack your ankles?
5 Convo:
- "Hey honey, I wanna scare the hell out of a lot of people on Craigslist and make sure this desk NEVER sells.  Would you please go hide in the corner and look as much like an evil ghost as possible?  Thanks."


On second thought, don't answer that... just thank you for making my Tuesday a slightly more amusing/disturbed.

Anyone else find some good ads recently?


  1. HAHAHA!!! Those made me seriously laugh!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That's funny! You could devote a whole website to bizzare things found on CL. Haha.

  3. First thanks for making me laugh. The first pic is great. Here in Louisville, Ky, last week we had an ad for a half eaten sheet cake. It showed the cake half gone and had a dirty knife laying on the cake board. It said "I wanted half of what I paid for the cake, which was $34.

    Donetta w

  4. These must be the same people who are in those wacky Wal Mart pictures!

  5. This cracked me up! Love the comments, too ... sure wish I had more time to join your competition because that is right up my alley! Keep making me laugh, Samm and Trish!!

  6. Ha ha - that's great, really made me chuckle!!


  7. OH MY GOSH. I am laughing so hard right now!!


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