Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our nursery: brough to you by Craigslist

Y'all, Craigslist has done it again!

While the nursery is still isnt anywhere NEAR to ready for little boy Y in September, step by step we have made some progress... and on the CHEAP too!!

While parusing Craigslist, like I do almost everyday, I stumbled across THIS little treasure that caught my eye.
Different... unique... and can we take a moment and talk about the feet?!  HOW FREAKIN COOL?!

Measuring 55" long and 34" high, its the exact size we were looking for to fit in the room to use as a changing table (not too long, but nice and tall since Chris and I are so big)!!

For $300, it was a bit out of our price range since I was hoping to find an older piece and fix it up with chalk paint and/or stain, but this was just way too unique to pass up without seeing it. 

So I made the 45 minute drive from Dallas to Waxahachie (aka. the middle of no where)
My apologies if you DO live in Waxahachie... this man's HOUSE was in the middle of no where
 When I arrived at the house, I was greeted by a 65 year old, 5'5, 250lbs man without a shirt on (hooray people of craisglist!!... ... ...).  Luckily, the piece was already in his garage and we stayed outside and discussed it while he threw on a hawaiian button down (minus fastening the buttons)  and told me how it was his great-grandmother's but he simply didnt have room for it anymore.

Looking over the detail, hand-carved wood, and noticing how the piece was in great shape for being as old as he said it was, I knew I love it from the moment I saw it.  But playing the Craigslist game, I hmm-ed and uhhh-ed for a while, "kicking the tires" as you will, before I asked if he would take $175.  He countered with $225 and we settled on $200... S-C-O-R-E.

All 5.5 months pregnant of me, him, and his neighbor loaded it into my car and I drove away calling Chris on my cell to brag about my find (don't worry, I checked with him before I even went to look at it AND gave him the address of where I was going JUST in case).

When Chris got home for work, we eagerly look it out of my car, wiped away some cob webs and gave it a good once over with some Old English wood polisher.... The thing came out prettier than a penny.

Next step was getting it IN the actual nursery, especially since I didn't want it sitting outside in the humidity or getting dusty after we had just cleaned it, which proved to be a little difficult, but finally worked.
We had it lay on a towel for a bit to protect the rug from the Old English... and no judgement for how dirty this room is... Its a work in progress
 But once we got everything moved and into place, I freakin' loved it.
 I mean really, come on... it just SCREAMS masculine little boys room.  I love how unique it is and keeps the room from feeling too "mass market produced".  I think its always smart to have at least one aniquey piece to keep a room from feeling like something you would see in a Rooms2Go showroom.
Sorry these pictures are so bad, I just snapped em real quick with my iPhone
 As the room comes together more, we definitely have some decoration plans for above the new dresser as well as fixing the shelves in the two main cabinets and/or maybe making them into slide out shelving.

Oh, and in addition, you see that rocking chair in there?

Yep, its also a Craigslist find... a POTTERY BARN ROCKER, in perfect condition... $40... yes, as in two Jacksons.  Sure, we had to drive an hour to get it (to a little town called Aledo, west of Fort Worth) but totally worth it since these chairs go for more than $800 brand new.

AND to make matters even better, I sold a Pottery Barn dresser/hutch which I had planned on keeping for the nursery from my estate sale find a few weeks ago (after selling everything else, it was completely FREE) for $300... which keeps me in the black for everything in this room so far (minus the rug).

Ugh, Craigslist, how I love you.

Anyone else striking gold recently?  I would love to hear your best craigslist finds!!



  1. Wow! That's a great find. I just found out I'm pregnant with a little boy too and almost bought that same rug you have. But I'm going with navy walls (with white board and batten to lighten it up) and so I went a different way with the rug. It's yet to be decided on how it actually looks because the room isn't done even at 0% (my 4 year old currently calls it home before we can switch her to her new room which is also 0% done for remodeling). But I love that piece. We already have a changing table and crib from my daughter but I definitely want to find a rocker (like your's - lucky you!) and add some character. Love the globe too... we have a few for his room but I love the colors in that one. Have fun decorating the rest of the room!

  2. Love that piece!!! And Waxahachie is my neck of the woods :))

  3. Oh it really is an unusual and wonderful piece. Will be great for a boys room. Love that rocker too. Hugs, Marty

  4. That is a beautiful piece of furniture!! good for you on talking him down to 200$.

  5. It's gorgeous and I love that you are going to keep the wood instead of painting it. I love it as is! Great score!

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