Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Denver Horse Shoe

Sometimes, is the little things that you love the most.

Take this little antique store find for example.
 Chris and I were down in Denver for Memorial Day weekend, celebrating our 1 year anniversary (....7 months late... but its cool since Chris actually gave me tickets to see Les Mis in Denver back on our REAL anniversary in October) but it was a good get away for us just to spend time together, especially with a little one on the way.

Loving Denver and being in downtown with no car, I suggested we take a little taxi cab ride over to "Antiques Row" a mere 4 miles away.  To my surprise, Chris was totally game... In fact, I think he had a lot more fun than even he thought.  Especially when he got to play with little items like this:
...I had to tell him 3x  that we couldn't get it...
As always, looking around was interesting and fun, but since most of the big ticket items we liked wouldnt fit on an airplane (ie. table and chairs, or a gorgeous dresser), we settled on this little nugget which was 30% off $15, making it only $10.50.
I honestly love everything about it.

1. The fact that its a mounted horse shoe (I grew up with my grandparents having a ranch in central California and miss riding horses everyday!)
2. The wood grain stripe down the middle, but off center, is fantastic
3.  Chris and I have never really seen anything like it before and the matter of it facing down instead of up gives it more of a truly unique feel (not like some good-luck charm).
4.  Its a small something to bring back to future-little-man's room as a "oh hey, remember when we got that?"

During our day of decorating, we decided it would look best right above the door frame.
 Just the perfect little accent piece!
As of right now, here's how it looks when you are walking out of the room.
 Oh and that little thing behind the door?  An awesome Hobby Lobby doorstop find.
I got this sucker for $6.49 since they were having a 50% off sale on all men's decor.  Compare that to the $49.99 one I lusted over for weeks via Ballard Design, I think I will take it for the win.

We still have plans to accessorize some more, but decorating with little trinkets here and there is really what is making this room so special.

More updates to come soon!  Chris and I are actually going to look at a fantastic crib we found via Craigslist tonight and fingers-crossed its as perfect as we think it is! I can't wait to get a crib in here and finally start making it feel real!! AHHHH September is getting so close!



  1. YES- September will be here in no time. I love seeing all your finds.

  2. That is so cute! I just saw a bunch of horseshoes at a garage sale this weekend. I didn't know what I would do with them, so I didn't buy them. Now I am totally bummed I didn't get them. Baby boy's room is coming along so nice!

  3. I have bunches of old rusty horse shoes - I keep finding them around my property, lol. Both ways of hanging a horse shoe (up or down) are good luck - the way yours is hung is showering the luck on you, the other way keeps the luck from falling out - so no matter what you're covered, lol.

    Nice find - my husband and I like souvenirs like that too - a little unexpected and quirky :-)


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