Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 26... 6.5 months and growing

Honestly, if I could live forever in the second trimester of pregnancy, I probably would...

My energy is through the roof, I'm sleeping like a champ, and my hair and skin have finally decided to give off that "glow" I hear about... (this usually consist of me asking Chris to feel how soft my hair is as well as bursting into song every time I wake up without a zit in the middle of my forehead)

To be fair, the past couple months I have probably been eating the most healthy I have ever eaten in my entire life in addition to taking daily mile+ walks with the dogs.  Chris and I have a juicer which we make every morning with the following organic fruits and veggies: kale, spinach, turnip, cucumber, carrots, apple, orange, blueberries, grapefruit, and pineapple.  Would I have EVER eaten all that before we started juicing? Most definitely not (I mean kale and turnips? really? yuck!) but a full 2.5 cups in the morning and I am good to go!

I maybe singing a different tune come month 8, but for now I am all taking it in stride.  I actually have my first baby shower this weekend in AZ with family and friends (we had to do it a little early to avoid flying in my third trimester) but I am psyched!!   All the research on the best/safest/non-million-dollar strollers? I little tougher, but they are all pretty fun to play with! (Chris even gets in on the action.  He's favorite must have feature? Foldablity... if it can't collapse quickly with one hand, dont bother)

Anyway, here's week 26!  I can't believe the next update I'll be 7 months along! Where does the time go?!

Do any of you mama's out there have any items that you just CAN'T live without?  Pregnancy or for baby? I would love to hear!!



  1. Skinny Minnie! You look Fabulous!

  2. You look so great! :)

    Oddly enough, people were telling me that I wouldn't be able to live without a body pillow. I bought one early on and didn't really use it. Here we are at the end (39 weeks) and I use it every single night.

    That's my two cents. :)

  3. MyBrestFriend (yep, that's how it's spelled.) Greatest nursing pillow ever! (If you plan to nurse.) I found the boppy to essentially be useless b/c everything would have to get rearranged whenever I had to stand up in the middle of nursing. The mybrestfriend pillow attaches to you. You look fantastic, btw!

  4. Check out baby jogger for strollers. All of my friends have been very pleased with them. My breast friend is awesome! Check with the hospital to see if they have a store. I got fitted with nursing bras after I add my son and they even sold my breast friend there. One less thing to pack. Boys tend to pee everywhere, so we bought multi use waterproof pads and used them as extra protection on the changing pad and took them everywhere with use. I think they were carters and flannel. Great for messes that you can quickly clear away.


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