Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep it in the closet

(...Sing it, MJ...)

Our house has a funky lay out, I'll give it that... two bathrooms across the hallway from one another? Sure.  Awkward sunroom layout in between the office and master room? Why not.  So it should come to no surprise that the nursery room comes with its own quirks as well... specifically, one of the largest closets in the house in the smallest room.

Storage is sort of an issue with this house and needing every spare inch for baby Y's arrival, we knew it was time to clean out the new nursery closet which as been an overflow of "let's just put it in there, forget about it, but I swear we'll use it someday"
I promise we DO use our vacuum, but the dog crate and subwoofer amp behind it (aka. Chris's pride and joy) not so much.

We took everything out and really stood back to see how large it truly was.
 That sucker is deep...
 Nearly 3ft deep.

Now to some people (ie. those with walk in closets), I hate you, please stop bragging... no jk, but I can understand how this really wouldn't be a big deal to most.  To me, the girl who grew up with a 12in closest which was mostly overtaken by her mother, this closet is pretty close to the Grand Canyon.

Chris and I hmm-ed and haw-ed over how best to arrange the closet to get its maximum potential (add a lower shelf? add an upper shelf?  add a lower bar for little guy's clothes?).  All ideas seemed pretty valid but nothing really seemed to feature the depth of the space.

It wasnt until Chris mentioned that we might have prematurely sold our dresser (back in the room's "guest" days) since we had an overflow of towels and sheets laying about, that the light bulb finally clicked.  Why not put a dresser in there?

Extra storage? Check
Drawers for multiple items, not just baby stuff? Check
Easy? (aka not having to build anything?) Check

And the craigslist hunt was on...
Honestly, it took a couple days... a LOT longer than I thought, especially since I was nearly positive I had seen a million pieces that would fit our specifications not only on Craigslist, but at garage sales too... nearly two weeks with no luck until I spotted this sucker.

Measuring 18" deep x 48" tall x 30" wide, it was perfect (we only had 34" across the closet so I was sure this would still fit even after trying to get in) and only $50!

Sure it's nothing too pretty to look at, but the dude is going in a CLOSET.  Function, easy slide-out drawers, and sturdiness are what was really most important. And he is definitely all of those!

Upon getting him home, he fit GREAT!!
We have plans to spray paint that clothes bar... I know its groddy...
 Another happy mistake (that I didnt even originally think about) is how the drawers fully slide out and still have room in the closet!  They dont bump into anything and are completely functional to access all the drawer space even in the way back.
 After about 15 seconds of us getting this guy in his new home, I immediately stuffed him full of towels and extra sheets which had be patiently waiting in our sunroom in a gigantic heap of a pile which had been slowly driving me insane for nearly a month.

And here he sits.
Granted, it does make the closet a little darker, but I actually have JUST the solution for that...

Oh-CHRRRRIIIIISSSSSSS.... I need you for another project :-)


  1. Great idea! I had two small shelves before my daughter ame along 4 years ago and after realizing how much stuff babies (and then toddlers) have, I shoved my shelves into her closets. One is extra wide so then I put a small, not used end table, in there as well. It's all temporary as we are working on her new big girl room and her closet will include lots of shelves and stuff built in (thanks to her carpenter grandpa).

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