Monday, July 8, 2013

Light it up

So back in the same garage sale that I scored my awesome $8 vintage world map, I also picked up a pretty awesome looking lighting fixture.
Sorry, I know its kinda tough to see in the grass, but here's a better picture of me just holding it up.
Awesome, geometric, and did I mention POTTERY BARN?!
Sorry for the blurry pic, but yes, Pottery Barn, $99.00, and never used... my price? $5 dolla... say WHA??? Yea, I know...

I bought it knowing we really didnt have any place for it, so I had already kinda given in to the fact that it was going to be a Craigslist flip that I could hopefully make a couple dollars on.

It wasnt until Chris reminded me of how dark our (future) Little Man's closet was and how we could really use some lighting in there, did my mental light bulb turn on...
And that's WITH a flash...
After some pretty-please-can-you-install-this-for-me-ASAP begging, my loving hubby agreed to put it up for me a couple weeks ago while I was away in AZ.  Chris was even kind enough to send a "Lighting update play-by-play" (since he knows how much I like to micromanage... even from a thousand miles away) which I am going to share with you now.

I figured I would let the pictures speak for themselves as "technically" as I know how/was explained to me ( I know how to install a light like this? No, but I purposely married a man who does)

I know somewhere along the way, Chris had to cut into the wall, go up to the attic, drill through the ceiling, shimmie down wire that was connect to the light, cut/split the wire, connect it to a light switch, and not electrocute himself in the process...

Anyway, here are the pictures I received and how I interpreted them... ENJOY!

So there you have it... here's the side by side of the amount of light the closet now gets.
It's SOOOO much better (especially when you are standing in the closet doorway blocking off the light from the room) and I love the little bit of funky detail the light brings to the space.

For $5 and a little bit of my husband's sweat, it's FANTASTIC!

I guess the next step for the room is maybe spicing up the curtains? Installing some shelving for the 10,000+ books we have for him (I rep a book line and we have been gifted a lot too).

As I head into week 30 (3/4 of the way done!) its go-time to get everything perfect before little man's arrival. Any suggestions on last minute details we should be concentrating on?


P.S- A "Thank You" shout out to the handsome Italian man I married for installing that light through the attic in the middle of summer in Texas... you are certainly a keeper...


  1. That is one fantastic closet. Do you find yourself walking into the room and turning on the light just to check it out again and again? I know I would. Please come put lights in our closets!! Pretty please!!

  2. Great find! I suggest packing your bags early, having extra blankets and clothes for Little Man, and to enjoy the next 10 weeks as a couple before you turn into mom and dad. It'll go faster than you think!

  3. That light fixture shape is called a Moravian Star (named after the Moravian Church). They are really popular in North Carolina as a Christmas decoration.

  4. Awesome light! And I love the ghost commentary.


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