Monday, July 15, 2013

Living Room layout changes

As much as we love our house, Chris and I are still trying to figure out what was going on in the 1940's that gave our little place such a weird layout.

If you remember from this post, I did an entire mock up of our little chateau along with all its little oddities (ie. Two bathrooms across the hall from each other? why?).  Chris thinks it may have been a duplex at one point in time that was later converted (probably true) and I think the weird tiny bathroom is a converted closet (normal sized humans barely fit in there, Im sure it would have been great for coats)

So it comes as no surprise that our living room is kinda funky too.  No real entry way, not a ton of places to sit, and the cable is forcing the TV to take up the largest wall in the room.  Here's how the room looks empty...
Currently, this is how we have it set up (and have had it set up since we moved in over two years ago).
Nothing fancy, but I always felt that the large "TV Wall" was never being used to its full potential.

Here's a real life view if you were looking at the space when you walk in the front door:
the Boxer was a last minute addition and refused to move for the picture
Dead on facing the fire place
 From the archway looking back to the front door:
I dont know why Rocky is throwing some sort of protest...
 Here's a better view of that full wall... see all the blank space we are wasting?!
Please note the dog bed about 5ft from Rocky... nope, he camps out in the MIDDLE OF THE ROOM
 And a view walking in from the hallway...
Hunger strike? WTF? I have no clue why he's being such a weirdo...
Although this layout works for now, I still feel like we are wasting a ton of potential on the "TV wall".

So, over this upcoming weekend, we are planning to switch it around to this:
Those two smaller chairs are the tall wingbacks (as quickly seen at the end of my last post) and the TV is now above the fireplace.  We are going to move a little chest of drawers to the right of the fireplace to hold the cable box, dvd player, etc and the flowered, blue settee will be going into my office.... (and apparently we are adding a plant in the window corner)...

Even though we JUST ordered new rugs (more on that later) I would love to upgrade big time to something a little more dramatic.
I dunno... this room is so weird, with about a million different ways to enter/exit, is there really a "right" layout?

Any interior decorator/strongly opinionated friends out there that want to suggest anything?



  1. I think your new arrangement will be much more pleasing to the eye and it will also create a much better area for conversation. The TV will be perfect above the firplace or even on the chest beside it. Great new floorplan. I would love for you to link to my Inspire Me party that started today - - - Hugs, Marty

  2. I think this will definitely look better! I've been contemplating moving our T.V. above our fireplace to add more seating so I'm looking forward to your reveal!!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  3. YES! I like this so much better. Plus, it adds seating for guests. And baby swings. And play mats. And baskets-full-o-baby-crap. You could even get some small skinny side tables for those chairs since there won't be a place for people to set their drinks. Love it!

  4. A suggestion: In the older houses, they usually had an entry table, right near the front door. A 3 drawer dresser, or something of that size, with a mirror over top. A great place to put keys, check yourself before you head out, etc. Take the couch and place it at an angle (in front of where the plant is placed in the new floorplan). This will give you better viewing of the TV. Place your larger arm chair close to the archway and squared to the couch, coffee table squared to both. Seating area 1.

    Take the smaller arm chairs and make another seating area along the wall where the couch is placed, in the new floor plan. Table between (might also look cute with a little hanging light fixture). TV over the fireplace is awesome and the storage for the A/V equipt. is perfect.

    Good luck! I love moving furniture around. ;-) Can't wait to see where everything finds a home.

    1. Great ideas thank you!!! We cant wait to start moving everything around this weekend!

  5. First, I am not a decorator by any stretch - not even a blogger, just a reader who loves your blog and several others I subscribe to. My only suggestion is this - before anchoring the TV above the fireplace permanently figure out a way to temporarily put it at that height and see if it works for you. We have our TV above the fireplace and it is very easy to get a crick in your neck from the height of the TV....yours appears to have a lower mantle than ours and I'm only throwing out the suggestion to test it for a few days to make sure you don't get that crick in the neck....

    1. hahaha funny you mention that because we are actually taking it for a test run here in the next day or two to make sure its NOT too tall (my husband was worried). Luckily for us, our ceilings arent very high (so maybe not so lucky) but I dont think it will be too high to be out of place. We'll definitely take it for a test run and let you know! Thanks again for stopping by!

  6. I have a similar built in to the ones you have on opposite sides of your arch way. Mines in an awkward location but I'm loving what you did with yours. Thanks for the bit of inspiration!

  7. Good read. Any room seems to have its own challenges when decorating. Thanks for posting.

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