Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scoring a bargin on a new rug

The other title to this post was going to be "If you haven't bought a rug through Rugs USA, you are wrong".

Chris and I have had our living room rug since we moved into the house over 2 years ago, and it has seen more than its fair share of dirt, grim, chewed up dog toys, and icky paws.

Rocky was even kind enough to demonstrate how dull and gross its become:
 Thanks, fat-man..
 We knew that the room could quickly go monochromatic with all the light blues and greens, so Chris and I wanted to switch it up a little... easiest way to do that?  New rug.

We had been browsing HomeGoods and some other retailers, but nothing really stuck out to us, or if it did, it was WAY out of our price range (we can't really afford an $800 rug right now... or ever).

Eventually, we decided to look online.  Chris was REALLY against this at first since our current rug was a bit flimsy and he was worried about getting the same quality if we bought something off a discount website.  We finally checked out over the 4th of July weekend and saw they were having a CRAZY sale... 75% off all rugs!!  With that sort of discount, rugs were less than $120 with free shipping for a 5x8 so we figured we might as well go for it.

This isnt a paid perk or anything for, but they seriously did have an amazing selection of awesome rugs!!  Chris and I finally landed on this one.
Again, it was 75% off during the 4th of July weekend
We decided to go with a sturdy wool rug and a nice light grey to bring in some new color without pulling down the room too much.

After the sales discount was taken, the rug turned out to be only $115 SHIPPED!! Total Score!!
umm yes please
The most difficult part of the entire process was waiting for it to arrive (we did order it over a holiday weekend AND had to wait a couple days since RugsUSA was swamped with orders.)

But when this beauty arrived at our front door, I was stoked!
We rolled up our old, ugly guy, unrolled this handsome new, sexy one.  Chris gave him a good once twice over with the vacuum to grab any shedding or loose little pieces from shipping.
 Doesn't he look great with the color of our new sofa/chair set too?
 Eventually, when we start moving the TV and what not this weekend, the layout will eventually look like this.
 My only worry?  The rug is too small for the space.  I know the graphic pattern might be a lot for the room, but Im thinking with the solid furniture, it maybe able to balance out a bit and feel more inviting.

Here's how it would look with a 9x11 rug.
We have been living with it for a couple weeks now and I must say that the hold up and quality is awesome!!  We havent had any problems with shedding and for a light colored rug, it hides dirt really well!

Do you guys like it?  Do you think we should invest in a big one once we get the room all switched around?  I would love to hear your thoughts!!



  1. I live in Plano and enjoy reading your blog. You do great with Craigslist. When the baby gets here and starts playing, walking / falling, it will be nice to have a bigger run. We loved our floors until we had babies and needed a soft surface for them to roll around on. They will roll off the small playmats. Congratulations on the baby.

  2. I LOVE the rug! I've been looking daily online at Rugs USA, Joss and Main, and Overstock because we have no HomeGoods near us (just a small Marshalls and their rug selection sucks). But that print is great. I bought an indoor/outdoor rug from J&M (not really paying attention to the outdoor part) for our dining room and it has a bold pattern. It works great because everything else is so neutral and slightly boring. My only deal is now to find one for the adjoining living room that is completely open to it. Another bold pattern? The same rug (if I can ever find it again)? Same colors but different pattern? Some day I will have a rug in my living room!

  3. LOVE the rug!!! Looks great!!! And... my personal opinion is the bigger rug in your second layout pic. And question: what program did you use to do the room layouts???? I am about to do something kinda odd here and laying it out on the computer would be awesome before we start lugging around huge pcs of furniture! Basically, I'm turning our current dining room into a play room and our current formal living room into a dining room.... it's going to be.... different!!!

    1. Hannah, Sounds like quite the project! I used Urban Barn's online room planner: it was really easy but make sure you know all your measurements! Hope this helps! Thanks!

  4. That rug is gorgeous! But I kinda think the bigger one would be better. Can you return the smaller one?
    You have gotten some amazing deals lately!

  5. First off, I LOVE that rug too! I'm infatuated with gray right now, and that is simply b.e.a.utiful! I think that you should stick with the 5x8. I think having some of that gorgeous hardwood visible will help with the small space not feeling monochromatic, like you stated.

  6. You know I'm a big rug person. I think rugs can totally warm up a space and completely transform with personality. As tough as it is to find a good, large rug, it's definitely worth the investment. I think our rug in the playroom is entirely too small--but it works for now. And to reiterate the softness for baby, definitely a good point. His widdle knees need a soft place to practice tummy time and crawling! Also, the placement of the current rug doesn't suit well with my OCD-ness. Why is it not parallel with the couch?! MAKE MY EYE STOP TWITCHING! Just kidding, love y'all! ;)

    1. lol hahahaha don't worry Sally Jane!! We moved it and I think you will like it a LOT better now... updates to come tomorrow!!


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