Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turning a Dresser into an Entertainment Unit

(Sorry this post took so long to get up... Pregnancy + 100 degree days + feeling like a beluga whale = lack of motivation)

So as we all remember from my last post here about getting "something" for the living room to hold our cable box, dvd player, stereo, etc., we settled on this guy off craigslist:
P.S- I don't know if you guys saw the update on this post, but his "dresser twin" was posted 2 days after I bought this guy for $100 more than I paid for mine!  Check it out at the bottom of the post here.
 Did I hate the color?  Yes.
Where the knobs atrocious? Yes.
Where the cute little feet adorable and the curves fantastic? Umm hmm.... yes, m'am.

Since I went to see it before Chris could help me move it, I put a deposit down and grabbed a middle drawer for insurance (Craigslist tip: if you can't pick up something right away, don't be afraid to leave a deposit to show them you are serious about buying the piece.  BUT make sure you either get them to sign a receipt or take a piece of the item with you (i.e- drawer, cushion, etc) so they can't resell it once you leave)
After it sat in the garage for a couple days (again, hot and pregnant = me not wanting to leave the couch, much less sit outside and paint), but when the weather cooled down a bit, I finally mustered up the motatvation to go and get it done.

Lately, I have been freakishly in love with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  Not only is it SUPER easy (no sanding, no priming, just paint and go) but it comes in great colors too (as seen here).  I decided on their "French Linen" color and "Arles" as a yellow pop of accent color.
French Linen
I knew I wanted it to be primarily French Linen so it would go more with the flow/coloring of the room, but I thought the aggressiveness of the Arles might give it a bit of a kick... maybe inside the drawers?

After picking out my colors, I was off to get some new knobs at Hobby Lobby.  They were having a 50% off all knobs/hardware (aren't they always) so I had quite a selection to choose from:
Option 1:  A little dark, but still pretty and ornate.
 Option 2: Loved the face plate but with curved drawers I wasnt sure they would sit flush.
 Option 3:  Festive!... just maybe a little "much"...
 Option 4: great texture, maybe not "enough" pazaz...
 Option 5: WINNER!  Almost the exact same color as the Arles and I loved how it was sort of shabby-chic looking.  Plus, Ive been dying to bring some yellow into that room and a soft punch of these knobs would be perfect...
 I grabbed the last 4 and for $1.99 after a 50% discount, they were mine!

When I finally got home, I officially started my project. I removed the drawers and gave the entire thing two coats of French Linen...
 After everything was set and dry, we ran into a little snafu with the knobs... they weren't long enough to get all the way through the curved, solid-wood drawers... Chris's solution?  Power tools (isnt it always?) and drilled out some of the inner drawer so we could properly get a washer and nut to screw in.
Once we finally got the knobs on, I brought the drawers inside and decided I TOTALLY love them against the grey.  (I also did a clear/dark Annie Sloan wax on top of my paint and am SOOO sorry I dont have pictures... it just darked up the color a tad which is all.  I promise to be better with pictures on my next project...blame preggo-brain)
 While Chris already had the power tools out, he also went ahead and cut holes in the back of the unit for cords, wires, and what not.
My sexy head-light wearing, cut-off-tshirt hubby,.. we keep it classy
 Since there was a slider from the previous drawer, Chris took it out and replaced it with a piece of thin plyboard so everything would sit even on the new "shelf".  He then caulked it into place and I went to work painting the inside Arles yellow.
This was just the first coat... Im normally not this sloppy, I promise
 I love how it just "barely" peaks out from the unit...
Can you tell by this picture how late it is?  Bc its around midnight but I refuse to go to bed with a project half finished
Once it all dried, I was PSYCHED to get it in and set up... that was until we discovered we couldnt get our stereo, dvd player, and satellite box to all fit due to the angel of the front opening ("UGH what has this all been for?!!")

All I knew is that I did NOT want big ugly boxes sitting on top of my gorgeous new painted dresser/entertainment unit, so after starring at it for 10 minutes, tired, and near tears, I took a look again at the back of the dresser... and saw screws!!! WE COULD TAKE OFF THE BACK!.. and thats what we did.
 HA-HA!! SUCK IT ugly boxes... YOU FIT!!
 Oh, and don't the drawers look awesome-sauce?  Because they do... and I freakin LOVE the knobs.

Once we could finally step back, I was in love. (Cue the sappy harps and violins)
 It was EXACTLY what I wanted.
 Complimented the space perfectly, the curves are a fantastic contrast to the boxy fireplace, the grey is a good, soft color and the pop of yellow keeps it from disappearing into the walls (of which are blue, but you can't really tell).

And the ugly boxes?  Tucked away ever so wonderfully.
 I know I still need to decorate the top, maybe with some flowers or books, but for right now, Im loving it just as is
 Doesnt it make the room look so much more put together?
Here's a before and after of the room when all the stuff was just on the floor.
And here's the before and after of the actual unit...
Not to shabby for $120, a thing of paint, new knobs, and some elbow grease!

What do you guys think?  Have you ever tried something like this before?  I would love your thoughts and feedback!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 36... or is it?

So here we are... week 36 out of 40... that's nine months, for those of you not familiar with "pregnancy week talk lingo" (or maybe just dont have a calculator)...

Everything has been going really well and I feel GREAT, but my midwives are concerned that my little guy is growing a little small.  Honestly, this entire time I have been "small" on the charts and a tick or two behind where I should be, so no one is worried per se,  but we "may" have to adjust my due date back a week.

According to my last ultrasound, he is still a "he" (we got a really close up view of "it" to which Chris replied "That's my boy!"... I guess its good to know he'll be popular? lol), he's head down (yay!) and organs and jazz are looking good!

We should know more in a week, but for right now they are keeping the due date as-is (Sept 16th) and just keeping a close eye on me/him.  As always, prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated!

So for now, here is my week 36... unless its week 34.5/35... but who knows... ... ... (my kid isnt even here yet and he's already causing Chris and I anxiety... thanks dude)
  P.S- Im working on finishing my post about the new entertainment unit... it looks freakin AMAZING!! (seriously, I feel like I stare more at it than the TV)... hopefully should have it up and ready for y'all tomorrow!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our future entertainment unit

Good news y'all!!

After weeks of searching (and banging my head against the wall for not having gotten one sooner), we now have what WILL be our future entertainment unit!
"whomp, whomp"
I know its not much to look at now, but I am totally in love with its curvature and possibility to become something great.  The measurements are exactly what we needed (34" tall x 32" wide x 18" deep) and its made out of solid wood. Plus, it wasn't too far away from the house AND I haggled for a bargain (duh)!!

Chris and I plan to remove the top drawer and use it for accessible storage for our satellite, DVD player, and stereo... kinda like these people did:
picture found here
Pin found here
I'm also going to go ahead and give it a good coat of chalk paint... right now Im feeling grey and yellow... maybe decorated something like this:
or this:
pin found here
But since I have been doing a lot of stripes lately (ie. our awesome stripped wall) maybe something just a little more simple like this would do the trick:
found here
I dunno... what do you guys think! I would love suggestions!!  Can't wait to get started this weekend!


UPDATE:  about 2 days after I bought my little find on craigslist, THIS popped up:
 Yes, that would be the EXACT same dresser for more than $100 than I paid for mine... just goes to show when you see a good deal, POUNCE on it!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 34... 8.5 months and going strong!

I'm officially throwing myself into the "home stretch" category.  

T-minus 6 weeks until he gets here and everything is finally coming together.  I should have an update on final nursery pictures next week but I'm satisfied enough with the progress where Im not having a panic attack every time I pass by his room.

All in all, still feeling really good.  I'm constantly amazed by how much he is moving around (which I had expected and know is a "good" thing) but its a LOT!  A foot here, arm there, hiccups once a day... he is active!  I can totally see him as being one of those babies that starts crawling at some ridiculous early age and me just constantly chasing him from one room to another.  He'll also be the kid that gets lost in the grocery store or somehow gets behind the "Do Not Enter" signs during school field trips because he can't stand still... ... ... I totally get parents who leash their children now... (actually that's a lie, I still dont get that).

Other than that, we are just in a waiting game until he gets here... 6 weeks is NOT a long time and makes me nervous and sweaty just thinking about it (even though mostly EVERYTHING makes me sweaty now... it's really cute).

Without further adu, here's my pictures for week 34... Im totally in love with this dress since 1. It has a gorgeous lacy back to it... and 2. I don't have to wear a bra... be free ladies... be free....

Other than trying not to sweat on our furniture, is there anything else y'all recommend I do before little man gets here in a couple weeks?