Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking for quality/inexpensive baby stuff? Run, don't walk to Babies R Us NOW!

Ok this is just a quick post to let all those other mamas out there that a HUGE closeout sale is going on right now at Babies R Us!

Their private high-end section, Isis, is closing down (maybe an in-store concept that didn't work?) but everything in that section is 50% off or more!!  Its full of high-end green/organic toys, clothes, baby care products, hands-free nursing bras, Aden and Anais blankets and swaddles, Baby K'tan wraps, cloth diapers, etc!!

Here's a quick run down of what I scored:
 2 GroVia cloth diaper shells, a 2-pack of GroVia inserts, MD Moms all over wipes, Chewbeads, and Isis private label organic cotton bib.  All for less than $50!

I'm really excited to try out these GroVia diapers.
 As you know, we are BIG into cloth diapering (I love Love LUV it!) but haven't tried these before since they are so expensive ($20 for just one shell and $25 for a two pack of inserts... that's almost $35 a diaper... for ONE!) but I've heard great things!

They are a snap-to-size diaper but with a velcro closure.  I also love how they have a snap insert, instead of pocket.  Pretty cool! No more stuffing diapers!
 These MD Mom's wipes are supposed to be fantastic.
 Great for babies with delicate skin (don't all babies have delicate skin?) and can be used on their hands and face for boggies as well as on their bum.

Also super stoked to score some ChewBeads.
Little Monkey Man has been teething like crazy and I have a couple of friends that swear by ChewBeads.  Not to mention they are adorable.  Here's the link to their website to see all their cute styles.

And last but not least, the bib.

Yes, we have about a thousand of the cheap little 10 for $1.00 bibs laying around the house (hello, Brooks is teething!) but this one was just too cute to pass up.
Plus, I'm kinda obsessed with the fact that it looks like a dickey.  Let's bring those suckers back! HA!

Anyway, great, awesome, super-adorable stuff for super cheap right now at Isis instead Babies R Us.  I dont know if all Babies R Us's have an Isis (again, Im thinking it was a failed concept?) but if you know of one around you, its worth hitting up! Great for stocking up on baby shower presents too!

Good luck!



  1. Ohhh awesome finds!! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to research and see if any mamas in my area have been there recently. I hope this sale is for all the stores. Hope your little one likes those beads :)


  2. Thanks for sharing this to us, I'd love to share this article to my friends who already has a baby and soon-to-be mom.
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  3. Have you heard of Scabib, scarf+bibs, they're super cute alternatives to bibs! They're on today at a good price :)

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