Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nursery Finale

Well wow... I can't believe Brooks has been here for almost 5 months and I am JUST now getting around to posting about how his nursery turned out.... ... ...this would usually be the point where I would call myself a "slacker", but since I take pride in the fact that I have kept another human being alive for 20+ weeks, I'm going to give myself a break.

As you may remember from my post here about finding the dresser/bar/changing table, I decided that it was really missing something hanging above it on the wall.  I toyed with the idea of shelves, pictures, vintage art, but nothing really seemed to fit.  That's when I decided to make my own little something-something and am just THRILLED with how it looks.
Simple, but a definite statement.  I think every baby's room should have their initials or name somewhere in it and having Brooks' name up on stained blocks kept with the old-timey theme I was going for.
 I plan on writing a whole other post about how I made these beauties (SUPER easy and cheap cheap cheap!) which I should have up no later than next week.

To the left of the changing table, we have the reading nook.
 We are still loving my thrift store glider and use it every night to read night time stories.
 One of my favorite random accidents so far has been the wine crates that we use as book shelves.
When I found them at a flea market for $3, I had no clue what I was going to do with them but they have been a great space saver and really fit in well with the decor.  I also love how the books are easily accessible while sitting in the glider and will be great "Brooks height" to pick out his favorites once he starts walking and selecting his own pre-bedtime stories.

Back across the room to the right of the changing table is our flea market ladder which we use for cloth diaper storage.
Honestly, we LOVE this thing!!
The wood grain of the ladder totally goes with the rest of the room and I kinda think it's cute to have the diapers out on display.
We are loving cloth diapers so far and I plan to write another post about my likes, dislikes, ups, and downs for all those interested.

And on the opposite wall, we have the crib.
We scored this awesome sucka on craigslist in perfect condition for $300 (compared to the $1200 retail price tag!) and it fits the room just perfectly. I love how it'll be able to convert to a toddler bed and then a full bed with head/foot board when he's a "big boy".

Oh and that map above his bed was an $8 garage sale find as remembered here.  It's just a BIT too large (still doesn't fit even if we try to take it all the way to the ceiling), but I love it so much I really don't care. 
The mobile and sheets/bumper/quilt are all Pottery Barn Kids. My awesome co-workers all chipped in a got me a Pottery Barn gift card when I was pregnant so Chris and I went on a shopping spree for all of B's crib stuff.   Sadly, PB doesn't sell this exact madras print anymore (they replace it with this one which has more greens and oranges) but I'm loving how the reds, whites, and blues compliment the wood/vintagie vibe we got goin' on.
Well, that's about it for our little man's little room!  What do you think?  Not bad for a bunch of flea market, garage sale, craigslist scores!



  1. soooooooooooooo excited to see you back!!!!!! i had a little one too on nov 1. still haven't shared his awesome diy nursery yet :)

  2. It's a wonderful room--you did a great job. I love how the diapers look hung on the ladder too!

  3. I love how the room turned out! And I am in LOVE with the giant over sized map! Especially how the crib is layered in front of it!

  4. The room turned out really sweet. It's actually good the map doesn't fit above the bed. If he ever got bigger and tried pulling it down, or for any reason it did fall, it would fall behind the crib. Love the map!

  5. Oh how I've missed your posts and loved seeing everything!


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