Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bathroom remodel... before and after

I hope you're ready... because your mind is about to be blown.

Welcome to our new bathroom:

 Brighter, nicer, and more spacious than before, Chris and I love it!!

Before giving you the full walk through, let's remember where we started:
 Yep... Sad, sad, sad.  I remembered when we moved into this house, I wanted the bathroom to be the first project since there were just a couple things that I wanted to change: the seashell sink, brown/super old grout, peptobismol tile, a single vanity, the world's most boring white shower, bad drainage, and a shower head that hit me right at boob level.

After nearly 3 years in this house, I am flabergasted that this is now OUR bathroom.
After toying around with a couple different colors for the shower curtain, we decided to keep it crisp and white to avoid it all looking "too much".  I pinned an image on Pinterest YEARS ago that had a double curtain and I remember LOVING it since it makes it look more like drapery than a boring ol' shower curtain.  I also love how it frames all the tilework in the shower and really makes it the focal point of the room (the shower curtains are Hookless brand in "white" XL length in case anyone was curious.  Found at your local Bed Bath and Beyond)

When you walk in, you get a good look at our new double vanity with marble top.
 Before going into too much detail about how AWESOME it is to have two sinks in a bathroom (the smallest victories sometimes mean the most), I want to show you our new room in the bathroom. (aka my old office closet)
 If you turn the corner a little more, you will see the new built-in.
 With an S***-ton of storage!
 For only taking up 20" of wall space, the amount of extra storage it give us is priceless.  I plan to put towels on the lower open shelves and medicine/bathroom knick-knacks higher up so little fingers can't reach.  A security lock will probably go on this when the time comes too (just call me "Safety Mom")

Directly across from the new built in is our pretty new toilet.
 I am obsessed with the molding around it and the fact that we got it "comfort height" since Chris and I are both giants and really need a taller "throne".

Oh and if you are wondering where the door to the closet went on the other side, dont worry, you can't even tell it was even there.
 Back to the vanity... (loving eyes)...sigh...
 Starting at the top and working our way down, your eyes are drawn up to our awesome Restoration Hardware pendants.
 The Edison bulbs give off a warm light which I think really helps the room from feeling too stark.

Next, our awesome faucets.... because honestly, who doesnt like playing with these.
Pfister Ashfield 4 in. Single-Handle Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Nickel  as found here
 Here's an action shot:
Boom.  Water.
Regrading vanities, for as long as this project has been in mind, I have been lusting over this Pottery Barn one:
link here
However, since we don't have money to burn, or $2,700 in our budget, we decided on this nearly identical one for less than half the Pottery Barn cost.
link here
It also scored bonus points for being 7" longer than the PB one, especially since I need every square inch of bathroom space I can claim.

Did I mention it also had a TON of storage?
 Each area under the sink opens up AND has an extra storage drawer underneath it.
 The middle has 3 big drawers as well (mine... all mine!!!)
 The bottom drawer has my favorite secret though... see that wire coming from the back?
 Yea that's our hidden bathroom outlet with surge protector!  This way I can have all my hair dyers, straighters, curling irons, etc in one drawer without having to drag everything out, plug it in, and leave it a mess... everything just goes in the drawer which I get all but nearly shut while Im getting ready!
I do have more than 2 haircare products but these guys had already moved in
 Finally, we turn our attention to the shower. The uber tall, wonderful shower.
 Chris worked EXTREMELY hard on these shelves and to say that we love them is a bit of an understatement
 No more rack hanging from the shower head, no more gross bathtub corners with soap scum.  Everyone has a home.

And here's a view of our new shower head. 
 Yep, thats the height it is with me standing in the shower, looking up and taking this picture... its about 7.5ft up there. A-MAZ-ING...
So there you have it... our new bathroom.
It seems appropriate that Brooks was actually the first one to tub in the new shower.  And yes, he loves it too.

If you want to go back and look at the whole remodeling process, here's a link to yesterday's post: HERE

Next step is decorating this baby.  What do you guys think for bath mats and such?  Chris and I were debating between a nice light turquoise-y blue/green or a dark brown.  Maybe even a white?  We would love your feedback!!


P.S- Again, another shout out to my AMAZING husband who took this bathroom down to the studs and rebuilt everything within two weeks!  Hunny, you are truly a DIY Rockstar and remodel extraordinaire.  Thank you so much for making me (and B) (and maybe you) this awesome new bathroom.  Between the kitchen and our new bathroom spa, you have really put our stamp on our casa.  So glad I can be by your side while we make this house our home.  LOVE YOU!


  1. Oh my word, this is totally amazing and I love your choice of vanity, tiles and fixtures. Amazing. Such a great idea to use some space from the adjoining closet too. This is just gorgeous. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me Tues. party - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2014/03/210th-inspire-me-tuesday.html - - This is truly inspiring. Hugs, Marty

  2. This looks amazing! I would go with the turquoise accents, but I'm a beach bum at heart!

  3. I also would go with the turquoisey color for accents. Love, love, love your bathroom. I'll be redoing mine in the near future and I may steal some of your ideas, especially that faucet!

  4. Wow he did an awesome job. Any idea how much it ended up costing you?

  5. Oooo, I love the double vanity. So pretty!

  6. Gorgeous makeover - and I'd give anything for a s*itload of storage space LOL
    I'd probably sleep in the tub if I had a bathroom like that :)

  7. I could use a hundred different words to describe how awesome it is, but I'll save you some reading and just condense it to to: BEAUTIFUL! Also, 100% go with a turquoisey color.

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