Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pimping out the bathroom

So let's review... yes, the bathroom looks amazing (all "after" pictures can been seen here) but as wonderful as it all looked, it hasnt been very functional... mostly because I was refusing to "move-in" to it. (I had this awkward fear that it wasn't really MY bathroom and that I was going to ruin some nice stranger's drawer space by putting my makeup away and a towel rack up).  But alas, after using the tiny hall bath for a week longer than I needed too, Chris finally threatened me with divorce if I didn't start enjoying the fruits of his labor. However, to really make it more homey and "mine"/"ours", we still needed some little things that actually make a big difference.

Like floor mats.
 As quick as I can make decisions about knocking down walls and picking out travertine tile patterns, you think this step would have been easier for me.  It wasn't.  I seriously spent 2 days trying to pick out a floor mat color and even had to Facetime with relatives to get their opinion.  I wish I was joking.

First there was a bluish-turquoise color.
I like how it brought some color into the space but was worried it brought your eye down to look at the color instead of up to see how pretty the space was.

Next was just a classic white.
white towel place holder
 But with 2 dogs, a baby, and two adults who are less than stellar at remembering to wipe their feet, I worried that this option would get dirty within minutes and leave the bathroom looking gross.

Next was a light brown.
 Not bad... but the entire bathroom is pretty much light brown and was a little too monotonous for me.

I kid you not, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond 6 times in one weekend... SIX TIMES.  I even bought stuff, returned it, then bought it again.  All hail the Queen of Indecisiveness!

Finally after a trip to HomeGoods, I kinda fell in love with some frames.
And whatdya know?  They just happen to match the color of the bluish mat.
Plus, the frames would look awesome in the bathroom especially with a little splish-splash boy.
After finally making a decision and sticking with blue, you think the towel hunt would be somewhat easy.  Again, no. 

I don't know if you knew this, but there are roughly 18,000 different shades of blue and none of the right ones are carried at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Pottery Barn, or Tuesday Morning.

You know where they ARE carried?  Costco.
I dont know why they look so light in this picture, but they're not
 I had nothing but a picture to compare, I took them home to check.  And  they were pretty darn close to right on.
Sorry all these pictures are vertical.  Blogger is refusing to rotate my pictures for some reason.
Now, we have a floor mat, we have towels... unfortunately we have no place to hang them.

We are thinking of doing a hand towel on the wall near Chris's sink.
And probably another one on the wall near my sink.
But for the larger, bath ones, we are kinda stumped.  We were thinking maybe across from the tub on the wall next to the built in, but  you would have to reach awfully far and then everything gets wet.
Or maybe back where we were going to put the small towels near my side of the vanity?  Maybe one high and one low?  Would that look to cramped?
The frames will either go on this wall...
 Or behind the toilet...
 Except I'm sure guys don't want to be starring at my baby in a bathtub while going #1.

I dont know... what do you guys think about the towel delema?  All comments are welcome!

P.S- Please tell me you like the blue... I dont think the people at Bed Bath and Beyond want to see me anymore.


  1. Love the blue color! Are these your everyday towels, or just for looks towels? If you are using them every day maybe consider putting them on the side of the vanity? You couldn't see them, but it would serve the purpose of being close by when getting out of the shower. My second thought would be to put a hook on the wall between the shower/bathroom. You could probably only put one towel there, but it might work.

    No matter what you decide, it already looks beautiful!

  2. You did an awesome job with the remodel!! The space above the toilet paper rack would work great, and you could easily reach around that wall after showering to grab your everyday towels. They would be out of sight from the main view of the bathroom, and there's a lot of modern options for free-standing toilet paper stands if hanging the towels above the existing TP rack is a concern. I get so many compliments on mine, and it allows me to move it as needed in my small, functional bathroom. My next idea would be to utilize the wall space to the left of the corner cabinet. I agree it might be a stretch from the shower, but an extra large bath mat might solve the water issue and the towels would remain mostly out of sight. I agree regarding the cluttered look, and there really isn't a space for everyday towels next to the vanity. Another suggestion would be to invest in a curved, dual-shower curtain rod, using one to hold your towels...but that might interfere with the shower detail work if you're keeping the shower curtains open. Enjoy your new bathroom!!

  3. I love the tile on the wall. Looks great!

  4. Blue was my favorite by far! If you have room, maybe adding a blue accent on the sink like a soap dish would tie it together with the frames and bath mat even more. I'd say even with the reach, that empty wall would be your best bet for the big towel rack. I like the idea of another hand towel spot on Chris's sink. The other spots looked too crowded to me, but you have a good eye- I'm sure it will work out fine!

  5. That BABY is GORGEOUS!!! Forget the bathroom!! Love that sweet precious little baby!!!! Happy Spring!
    And yes, I do like what you've done with the bathroom too!

  6. The bathroom looks terrific but dang that picture of the baby was his long eyelashes and sparkly eyes is too precious!

  7. I would put a couple of hooks that match the hand towel finish there..and just use them while bathing so that you can reach them. You could leave them folded in the tall cabinet before using, then just put one on the hook so it is within reach.

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