Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I have a 9 month old... haha jk, no, really...

Seriously? Wasn't I JUST pregnant?! How could this little chunk be 9 months already?

Yea, he already crawling (putting EVERYTHING in his mouth), pulling up, letting go and standing by himself, and walking when he holds our fingers.... HE'S 9 MONTHS OLD!!! .... please don't judge me as I knock him over to keep him from walking.

Anyway, I know I haven't updated his month-by-month's in a while so here ya go Internet.... watch my child age in front of your eyes...

Brooks Bailey, I love ya... now please get the fireplace poker out of your mouth...

Friday, June 13, 2014

"Duck Egg" Desk

Wow... talk about being gone for a while... sorry about that y'all... did you know how busy an 8/9 month old can keep you? Its insane! Lol,.. but I love him so its ok.

Finally, after months (and MONTHS) of not having the time or pieces to rehab, I finally found two GREAT projects I had a chance to work on over the weekend and I'm proud to share one of them with you!
I bought this cute little desk for $25 from a SMU sorority house that was moving and selling all their furniture.
It was definitely dated, but for $25 I thought it would be cute repainted.

Enter Annie Sloan Chalk paint in "Duck Egg" and trim in "Pure White".
 I kept the original drawer pulls but gave them a quick shot of silver spray paint.
 The inner drawer even came with a cute little movable divider.
 Even the back is pretty cute!
So there you have it! Cute, huh?
Even though I LUV it, I ended up selling it since it's a bit too large for our house, but still needed a good home. (Made a nice little profit too :-)

What do you guys think of it?

Oh, and when I posted it, I also had a lot of renewed interest in that cool globe I made... here's the link to that "how to": Globe Art

Thanks!  Can't wait to show you my next one!