Monday, February 1, 2016

New Condo walk through

Well, now that we are officially under contract, there are so many decision to make and Im so excited to get started.

I thought I would use this post to really give you a lay of the land... all 1,033sq ft of it.

If you would like to see a video walk through, I took one the first day we came to look at it
If you DON'T want to get sea-sick, or listen to my voice say "Here's a bathroom", I have some pictures here below and can walk through the floor plan with you.
Main living area... you walk in through the door on the left into the living room and open dining area.
Dining room that leads into the galley kitchen... Note the wall to the right of the doorway... that will come into play during a later post :-)
Kitchen... sexy flooring, I know.  Even sexier wall paper and light fixtures.

Washer and dryer in kitchen area... haven't really decided what to do with it or just leave it be... kitchen area also leads out to patio.

Decent sized patio!  Cute to have a little herb garden or something back here.  Gates opens to a covered parking spot.

Turning around...
Back facing the kitchen.  At least there are stainless steel appliances.  According to our inspection, they are all good and in excellent working condition, so we will probably keep those.

Now, back through the dining area, past the living room, into the hallway and the first bedroom.

At least it was well used?   I don't know why everything was drawn to make the room so dark but I can't wait to open them up.

The blue shag continues throughout but its actually decent sized.

A nice wide and deep closet too.

Back down the hallway.

On of the bathrooms on the right.

This bathroom wallpaper is so old, if we waited, it might be in style again.

Good storage behind the door though.

Keep going down the hallway and you'll run into the master.

Sorry for the panoramic shot.  Its not a terribly wide room (maybe 12-13ft?) but very long (20ft+)

The bed area.

And facing from the bed a sitting area and the ensuite master bath.

The sink and vanity need some work.

Also, probably my favorite thing I noticed during our walk-thru?  See those blue pots above the light in the picture above?  Not pots... CUT OUTS of PICTURES of pots... Thats just fantastic.

Separate shower/toilet area.

Can't wait to give it a full gut. Not to mention have Chris serve an eviction notice to the little cockroach friend living in there... yea, there will be NONE of that. YUCK.

Now, here's one of the cool things about the master.  This is ONE of the walk-in closets.

And here's the other.

Yea, this place definitely has TONS of storage, which I think is awesome... Chris and I are even playing around with the idea of turning one of the closets into a laundry room.  I dunno... what do you think?

And with that, we head back to the living room and out.
So there you have it!  When Chris and I did our first walk through, I knew the minute we opened the door that THIS was supposed to be our place.  Its perfect and is the perfect size and condition for a couple of novice flippers such as ourselves. After we saw the property, I nearly started tearing up with tears of joy saying "It's so ugly, I love it".

I plan to take better "before" pictures with my better camera and maybe open up some windows to make it a little brighter, so more to come on that later.

But for right now, please allow this amazing Key and Peele gif to represent Chris and myself... (I'm on the left)


Can't wait.


  1. I cannot wait to see what you do. I think when all of the previous owner's stuff is taken out it is going to look huge! I like your idea to put the laundry in the master closet. That kitchen could use the extra space.

    1. Yes it could! We are going to check the logistics of it, moving water and what not, and how difficult it could be, but it would be great!

  2. In my first place, a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo, the laundry room was a closet off the kitchen, totally fine!

    1. There's a renovated one that just sold and they kept the laundry in the kitchen and it still sold well... we'll have to still how everything plays out!


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