Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flip #2... the one I can actually talk about!

First let me start of by saying I am SO sorry, and normally Im not that big of a tease; telling y'all we were doing a condo flip and then documenting NONE OF IT.  When we landed the show (more details on that later as soon as Im allowed to talk about it) they made us sign our lives away, which included no posts or updates online of the property we were doing (little things on my personal Facebook and talking about "a tv show" were fine as long as no major details, network name, or show name were posted.  No fun, I know.

The good news is that we are officially DONE with condo #1!  We are currently under contract and will close in a few weeks.  As soon as we are signed and sealed, I can talk a little more openly about that project, even though I'll have to leave some detail out until AFTER the show airs (THIS FALL! YAY!)

AND we JUST closed on our SECOND condo flip! Whoo hoo!!
This one was actually a really fun find, especially since we were in a bidding war with 8 other people (....suckas....)!
As you can see, its only a 1/1 but trust me when I say we got it for a STEAL! (I know finding out how much we are paying on these things is half the fun, but until it's sold, Im going to keep the beginning and end dollars under wraps.  I PROMISE to post a FULL and honest breakdown as soon as its sold though!)

The reason we got it for such a great price is due to the inside of the unit.  Its gutted.
Yea, as in NOTHING... no floor, dry wall, nada...

But hey, what do we care? We like working with a blank slate anyway! And this way, it a LOT easier to get to plumbing, put it recessed can lights, electrical, the works!

So Im going to give you guys a little walk through of the place so you can get a bit better idea of what we are working with.

Let's back up and start with the view right when you walk in the front door; the living room.
Not much to look at, but the exposed brick is pretty cool.  A white-washing in it's future? Probably.

Next we turn around...
and are facing the dining room and entrance to the kitchen.  We will probably knock that wall to the left of the front door back a bit to open up the space, but leave a little divide so you have a spot to put and entry table and place to drop your keys.

Next is the view into the kitchen...
The stinky think about this is the tiny door way and wall to the left is structural.  We can't open it up ALL the way, but will try to take it back to at least counter depth to give it SOME feeling of space.  This kitchen is TINY... I think maybe a 10x10? I could pretty much do a spin and hit all the walls with my freaky long arms.

Heading back to the living room into the hallway, you have your bathroom...

It too is pretty darn small...
Sink/vanity area
shower and toilet

We're going to have to raise the shower head and are debating turning this into a standing shower.  Maybe bring the shower head all the way up to the ceiling and make it a rain shower? That might get pretty pricey though. And with flips, its all about the $$$.

Across the bath, you have a storage closet (sorry no picture... its just an open square right now. Feel free to use your imagination).  So with the bath on the right and the closet on your left, you walk into your master...
Sorry this is such a terrible pictures, but it does bring up the fact that the windows in this unit are new.  Score!

The room is a good size, maybe 14x14? and it has a decent sized closet...
From the corner I was taking that picture, if you turn around, you'd be facing the laundry room...
Its actually a really good size! I think a 6.5x6.5. And from having a 3x4 at our house for laundry, I'm a bit envious...
We plan to that that back area and put in some storage, floating shelves, and make a nice butcher block top folding area.  In my mind, it looks great.

So that's about it! Its nothing crazy at -750sq ft, but I think we can turn it into something pretty cute, and hopefully make some good money off it (Common' baby... mama needs a new laundry room).

I also shot a walk through video of the "before" if you want to get a better sense of how everything is laid out.
So what do you guys think! What are you most excited to see? Any suggestions or things that you think would look cool in such a small space?  Im always opened to ideas!

P.S.- I plan to post a LOT more about this flip on here, but usually upload sneak peaks and fun pics of our flips on my Instagram, LittleHouseintheBigD ... you can also see me sharing super cute pictures of my kids, because lets face it, I'm a mom.

Glad to be back!


  1. I am so happy you're back!!! I have been dropping by every week or so waiting for a post. Instagram has kept me on my toes but can't wait to read more! Biz in the UK x

    1. Thanks Biz! We are going to try to do this flip pretty darn quick so there should be a bunch of fun stuff coming up soon! Thanks for sticking with me!


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