Monday, June 27, 2016

Shopping: Thrift Store Outlet and Home Depot

Something that has always bugged me about "flippers" are when they redo a space by doing the least amount possible as cheaply as they can.  Yes, this is a good way to make money, but the quality of what you CAN turn something into is always lacking.  My theory?  If you're going to do something make it amazing!

That doesn't alway mean you have to spend the big bucks though... you just have to know where to look!  Like our local Habitat for Humanity resale store!
First thing I always check out is are the lights... like this guy who caught my eye right away.
A sputnik chandiler... Pretty funky! and very cool but at an asking price of $174.95 and I would still have to buy the lights, I decided to pass for now.

I also saw this guy, which read very "restoration hardware" to me.
  Pretty... but also $149.95... eh, maybe if they have a sale later.

The whole reason I went in the first place was to look for a new front door for the condo.
Due to the HOA, it has to be something pretty plain that we can paint brown to match the rest of the units, but nothing really looked too good.
These ones I think came from an old school and were the brown color we needed... but were interior only.

This one would have been nice for the back door

But at $149, I can get a brand new one with the built in blind between the glass for $129... soooooo yea, gunna pass.

Then, found these AWESOME metal letters...

Not something I really "need" but at two bucks a pop I was thinking of decking out the boys' room.  However, I had to stop myself and repeat the mantra, "We are poor condo flippers who have yet to close on the sale of our first flip... we are poor, we is poor, we be poor."  The close date to condo #1 could not some soon enough!

I also found this little gem:
and told Chris to stop the search.  If it can't be our exterior door, you bet your little Siegfried and Roy hiney that we're going to have white tigers leading into the bedroom.

Sadly, he did not agree.... ugh, he lacks such vision!!

Next, I went to Home Depot to grab our shower/tub fixtures and sink faucets for the bathroom (plumber is coming tomorrow (Tuesday) and we at least needed the shower fixtures).  But when I walked through the lighting area I was super surprised to see this little guy.
Not a perfect spot on match for the one at the resale store but $30 cheaper and brand new.
Not sure if thats really what Im feeling for this flip, but we'll see.

I was there to plan out our bathroom and started with lighting.

Since the ceilings are dropped in the bathroom, we learned that we can't do over sink lighting without making the mirror tiny-human height (thanks for that lesson condo #1) so we are going to have two sconces on either side.  I liked this one...

And on clearance, I liked it even better.

Heading over to bathroom fixture land, I got lucky with the clearance fairy again!
In all honesty, I actually really liked the large rain head shower to the right, but it didn't have a tub spout AND cost more, so clearance one it is.  Plus, I really do like it! Brushed nickel with just a little bit of shine.

And for the vanity faucet? Matchy-Matchy.
Makes my job a LOT easier when I see those little yellow signs.  Even more so when its really cute stuff! So that was easy.

I showed Chris the chandeliers when I go home and he LOVED the funky sputnik one.  After doing some research to find one that looked like it (to make sure we would be getting a good deal), the closest one I could find to the one I saw was this guy.
Yeaaaa.... not dropping $3k on a light for a condo flip, so I decided to go back and get the one for $175.

And of course. It was gone... which had me feeling like:

Oh well... good lesson. And who knows what I'll find next time.  Where do you guys like to shop for hidden treasures?  Ever get a big score on clearance?

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