Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update #2: Lights, pantry, and plumbing stuff!

Well, things are moving and grooving!

As you can see, the can lights are installed!
Remember how I told you Chris was a can-light-ninja? I was right...

And in even bigger news... look what is gone!
If you need help, here is a picture for memory.
Not to downplay our buddy Blake, but we took the pantry out!  Hazaa!!!

And look at all the extra room we have!
...and Chris wanted to give you all a big hug
If you remember from my first little update, I had the epiphany while writing the post about taking the pantry out and I'm SO glad we decided to do it since it just feels SOOO much better! I really do think will help make a difference in the feel of such a small kitchen.  Countertop space is key!  If the walkthrough from the dining into the kitchen wouldn't have been load-baring, we would have taken the whole thing out and expanded, but hey, work with whatcha got!

We also started the next, expensive process of putting in insulation.
Chris actually forgot about this in the budget and its crazy how quickly a couple hundred dollars can be spent on something that's behind the walls and never seen.  But I guess thats what you get in a condo that's already down to the studs!

So up it went!  In the kitchen...
and all the ceilings first.  This is also helping keep the AC in since its 100+ here in Dallas and that cold air is just leaking out faster than we can cool it down.
Before we insulated the interior walls, we had our plumber come in and make sure all was done with easy accessibility.

See... ohhhh... ahhhhh.... plumbing stuff* (...*official term...)
We also moved a water line through the ceiling and over to the other side of the kitchen... so the fridge can have water and an ice maker.
The bathroom is really coming along too! Look!  We even have a tub!
And see how tall the shower head is?  Boom.
Yay kitchen pipes, water, and a shower above armpit level!
Full disclosure, I don't even know what Im supposed to be looking for in this picture.  Photo by my loving husband.
We also completely updated the water line in the laundry room since it had an awful continuous drip which needed to be fixed ASAP.
See! Much better!

My awesome father-in-law is also working on the bricks above our fireplace.
The actual fire place itself is in fine shape but the brick above it (which was hidden by drywall) needed some help.

The brick is that groody 1970's/80's ugly bricks and not a pretty red brick worth saving, so Im pretty sure we are going to paint the fireplace.  Im still working on my color scheme so stay tuned for that.  Thinking maybe a dark grey with the walls a few shades lighter?  And some crisp white base boards and trim?

I'm also working on our kitchen layout and best options for cabinet color, countertops, and backsplash.  I think that will probably be my next post.   Until then!... Thanks y'all! Hope you're staying cool in this super hot summer!

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