Monday, July 18, 2016

MIA: our little vaca

Hey all!  Sorry for the MIA but we were on a much needed vacation last week to visit my grandparents and cousins in California!
After filming the show, working no-stop to get condo #1 finished, well underway with condo #2, and more down the pipeline, we really needed a recharge and a break from the 100-degree Texas days.

Boys did well on the flight out (not so much on the way back but hey, we'll focus on the positive.)
A big reason for the vacation timing was that two of my cousins just had babies (one in April and one in June) AND our other cousin, his wife, and son were in town from NYC.

For the first time, we were able to get a picture of cousins (some of us... there are 14 of us just on my dad's side), our kids (6 out of the 7 at least) and our grandparents who started it all.
Brooks is the oldest and he's not even 3.  Its fun to see so many of us in the next stage of our lives and hope to raise our babies as close "cousins" especially since Brooks and Collins don't have any "true" cousins yet.  Cousins of cousins?  3rd cousins? I dunno... its all family.

At least I was there to keep things real.
I wear my "black sheep of the family" badge with pride.

We stayed with my grandparents for two days and the boys had a blast at the park by their house.
We then took the 1:45 hour trip down the coast from the Bay Area to Carmel, passing some fun stops along the way.

Artichoke capital of the world? You betcha.
Carmel was absolutely gorgeous and never broke 70-degrees the entire time.
Most of our days were spent at the beach.
We pretty much had to drag Brooks home by the end of the day he loved it so much.
Collins was a bit apprehensive at first, but nothing like the thrill of danger to get you moving.
We also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a day and it had my jaw hanging open nearly the entire time.
Collins road shotgun in the back of the ergo and was actually happy as a clam (sea pun).
Brooks and I even got to pet a stingray... which honestly may have been the highlight of my his trip.
I'm not sure who enjoyed the aquarium the most, but I could go back 100x over.  Just amazing.

But other than that, it really just was a lot of relaxing, letting the kids stay up late watching movies, and sleeping in as much as we could.
Renovations on the condo were still underway while we were gone and I'll give you a full update on Wednesday.  So much to share!  Its crazy how fast things are going!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and are getting some rest and relaxation of your own!

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