Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Floors!

So why we were galavanting around California in the 65-degree weather, Chris's brother, dad, and our buddy Blake were hard at work at condo #2 putting in the flooring!

We first had to level out the floor by the door...

Uneven floors, especially right when you walk in, typically don't sell too well.

Since the floors we bought this time don't have the padding attached, we had to lay down a vapor barrier and underlayment.

The guys, busy, blurry, and hard at work...

And for those of you that wanna know why we keep our buddy Blake around, edging like this is why:

Yes people, cuts like that are near impossible... the dude is a genius... and yes ladies, he's single.

But back to the flooring... not bad right?! Sorry,  about these incredibly blurry pictures, dear God.  Yikes... from now on I'll make sure to be the one taking pictures... because, wow...

And don't judge the floors next to the yellow brick wall... we're painting it.

Oh and that brick fireplace too...

Sadly enough, we had to cover up most of the flooring to keep it safe and pretty while we continue with the rest of our updates.

But it's looking good in the kitchen!

I still can't get over how different the place looks with walls...
And how much better it will look once it's painted!!!... which actually happens today!  We still have to let it dry and what-not so pictures probably won't be up Friday, but hopefully by the beginning of next week!

We actually had a tile guy come in today and do the bathroom so THAT will be my update for Friday... it looks AMAZING! Can't wait to share! Until then!

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