Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cabinets coming together

So last we checked on the kitchen, we at least had paint but it looked like it this...

Chris and his brother David started adding the drawers to the bases and that's when things start to get a little tricky...

Here's a video he sent me to better explain:
Ha!  Uh, ya... how luck is that?!?!

The rest of it is coming together nicely though...
And Im really digging these drawers that we did on the other side...

And with the uppers, its starting to look like a real kitchen.
Even more so with the fronts on them!
I mean, look at this side... look at that sexy glass....
We did glass on this side because its the one you see looking in from the living and dining room... also, it being such a small kitchen, the glass will help make it feel just a bit more open.

Ugh I can't believe we have to wait until next week to get the counters in!!

Everything is coming together in the laundry room too.

30 inch base cabinets for extra storage:

and two uppers as well...

We actually plan to do some floating shelves in there too... just as an extra spot for "stuff".  In a 750sq ft condo, no space should go unused!

So that's about where we are right now!  I'll post pictures of the counters in as soon as they're up... in the mean time, I'll post a quick update about our next adventure... the buying of condo #3.... on Friday!
Cant wait to show it to your guys!

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