Monday, August 15, 2016

Condo #2 is done!!!

Hooray! #2 is in the books!

We actually just finished up last Friday and although I don't have before/after pictures done yet, I DID take a video walk through so you can see how everything turned out!

Again, sorry I don't have more pictures but PROMISE I will by Wednesdays post! To see the side by side of this one will be crazy!

Anyway, we started this project June 20th and wrapped up August 12th... that's under two months to flip an entire condo from the studs back to life!!  AHHH can't believe we're done!
Here's the direct YouTube link if for some reason its not playing on the page:  Condo #2 finished

Oh and just for fun... here's the walk through of when we first got it... what a change!
Again, heres the link: Condo #2 the before



  1. Hi, Samm! Not sure if you'd be willing to share this, but has your plans (financial/life?) changed from when you started this process? I thought you were just going to do condo 1 to finance your main house reno, but it seems like this adventure suits you both! :) Ignore me if I'm being too nosy. Lol.

    1. Hi Anne! Not nosy at all!! I would say our plans have "Expanded" rather than "changed". We did #1 to help with our main house, yes, but the more and more Chris and I have talked about it, the more we want to add on or add upgrades when we do decide to pull the trigger. That, paired with the fact that Im no longer bringing in an income, it just makes the most sense to keep up with the flips to pay off our addition before we even start! Plus, we are having SO much fun with it, might as well keep going!


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