Friday, August 5, 2016

Countertop fairies

OK so I know I promised a walk through of our new #3, but guys, the COUNTERTOP FAIRIES came yesterday!!!
They weren't supposed to come until the middle of next week, but called us up to see if they could install Thursday (aka yesterday) but with only a couple hours notice.

Of course our answer was not only "ummm yes please" but "holy hell, omg, yes yes yes"... and then I did a dance resembling this one:

It did turn our day up a bit since Chris and his brother had to quickly put down the plywood base so the counters could be laid on them and install our undermount sink.
But once they arrived, it was just a matter of putting everything into place
yes... oh yes... and the other side?
The marble looks like a million bucks and is seriously just beautiful!

We still have to add hardware to the cabinets and put up the backsplash, but having counters always makes it feel so "real" for me.

I was also I bit concerned with having the grey in the marble clash with the grey on the walls (especially since we committed to the marble without seeing a swatch of the paint color next to it) but I'm happy to report it looks pretty darn good.
Hopefully we will have backsplash installed on Monday or Tuesday and hardware to go in sometime soon as well.

AHHH I still can't believe its in!  This project is really wrapping up!

What do you think of it?  Love it or hate it, please lie to me and tell me you love it cause I think its pretty darn cool :-)


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  1. I don't have to lie -- it looks fantastic! You guys are doing a great job and someone is going to love that rental!


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