Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Demo of #3

Hey all... well now that #2 has wrapped and #3 is well underway, I thought I would give you an update of how its going...

To sum it up in a word: Demolition.
To rewind and reaccustom yourself, you might want to go back and read THIS POST when we did the walk through of #3... go ahead, it will open another window... I'll wait.

See... ok to continue here's the kitchen as seen before:
Yea, remember how we were going to take down those uppers and open this thing up, getting ride of the bookcase on the other side... well, we took down the wall and found these suckers.
UGH!!! OMG! Pipes, from the unit above us?!  First strike against flipping condos... you have to worry about the other units in your complex.

Such a major bummer...can't do a countertop island with pipes in the middle...

So here's a view of the old bookcase:
and here's where we are now...
Going back around the place, here's the front door and the closet that used to be there.
And a VERY scary picture of the guest room(as remembered before here):
And in the master... a before of the en suite.
and the now...
Back to the kitchen... demoed the far wall and now looks 1,000x better like this:

and, yet another sad view of the pipes on the opposite wall, because, ugh... le sigh...
Sooooo yea... we're detailing with that... options? Hopefully our plumber can work something out.

Fingers crossed.

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