Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Plan of attack

"ummm hello??"

Yea sorry I didn't mean to drop the bomb of "Hey we're knocking down our house and building new. Don't worry, I'll document everything" and then just disappear for a couple weeks.  

I had honestly planned on posting our architect's design and floor lay out so everyone could get a better idea of what we having planned for going where. But, true to form, everything is taking JUST a bit longer than planned and we're waiting on the final FINAL lay out of the house from the architect so I won't have to keep changing what I'm showing you.  We've gone through SEVERAL revisions that I have on my phone and when I bust it out to show people, I end up explaining half the time that "none of this is going to look like this anymore". ... 

To which people respond "Ok, then why are you showing me?"...

So, I should have that soon.

For right now though, I can kinda give you a rundown of everything I will be discussing in the coming months.

- how we plan to find a place to live while our new place is being built.
- our thoughts on packing and moving
- how we're going to juggle all this with three kids 4 and under.
- Hard choices and comprises
- Where we plan on spending the big bucks
- Design choices for each room (I can't wait to talk about the kids' rooms)... (and the laundry room... hold on to your hats)
- sacrifices for building vs moving
- inspiration
- greatest fears/looking forward to the best
- staying alive and living to 2019

That last one is really our main goal.

So, please bare with me as I try to get everything sorted out and hopefully don't change things a million more times to confuse y'all.
Anything you guys specifically want to hear about? Honestly, Im an open book so ask away!!

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