Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's BLOG!!!

Hey Guys!!

Instead of posting EVERYTHING my projects on Facebook, I thought it would be a little easier if I describe all updates on the house on a blog!

Enter: Little House in the Big D

Our House: little.

Where we live: Dallas... the Big D....

(and yes, Dallas really does look like this all the time... .... ... not really)

ANYWAY... I thought this might be worth giving a shot for those people (aka my parents and family out-of-state) to stay well connected with what Chris and I are doing and improving on our little 1450 sq ft house.

A little back story on our 1940's house: its old.... and I mean that in a totally cute, charming, please-dear-God-fix-me sorta way. Chris and I bought it back in May and have been slowly fixing it up and adding our little touches along the way.

(Chris often poses like this when he's completing projects)

First of all, let me just state that we really have no clue what we are doing... we are just REALLY good at trial and error. Or maybe its just that CHRIS knows what he's doing, and I'm just kind of acting along... (so to clarify, I have no idea what I'm doing). But we are just enjoying fixing little things and trying new things... they might not always looks perfect, or agree with everyone's style, but we're having fun and enjoying learning bit by bit.

Anyway, we have some project that we've already done that I'll probably post on here as well, but hopefully we'll have some new projects loaded weekly.

Im a big garage/yard sale hunter and love fixing things up, so there will probably be a lot of those posts, but hopefully it will give some people and idea for what can be done with a sad, forgotten, piece of furniture...
($5 chair from a yard sale... now a demanding piece of spray-painted awesomeness... or at least I think so...)

So here we go... let me know what you guys think... I LOVE FEEDBACK!!!