Thursday, February 23, 2012

I may need to go to Burlap rehab...

Happy (day after) Ash Wednesday everyone!!

Am I the only one that gets excited about Easter?? Im not even sure why... maybe because it means Spring is coming and my pasty/glow-in-the-dark white legs are days away from seeing sunshine again, but I seriously love it!  

Chris and I even decided we are giving up fried food for Lent!  This may not be difficult for most people, but we live in Texas... these people will deep fry anything that stands still long enough... and yes, we will most-likey eat it.

So it comes as no surprise that it's February, and I've already started decorating the house...
 Yesterday, while watching New Girl and wishing I had Zooey Deschanel's eye lashes,  I started "crafting around" (aka. my version of crafting subconsciously)... and made these.
 Burlap is my go to, my drug of choice, my better half. I seriously have it stashed around the house in random places in case I ever need a hit.

After goofing around for a while, I made this little burlap cone/nest/decor thing
I just pulled apart some of the burlap to make nest-like strands, then used some AWESOME plastic Easter eggs I found at HomeGoods. My eyeballs fell in love with these colors...
Apparently I was on burlap-pulling spree, so I took it to the next level and frilled some burlap squares to make this "Happy Easter" banner.
And, because apparently I have ADHD, I used more pulled burlap to make this little vignette atop the fireplace mantel. I think the burlap kinda looks like that green Easter grass, but classier and more adult.
This picture was brought to you by HomeGoods.


I found that bad-a** of a vase a few months back and then my little rabbit friend used to be a grey ceramic before I took a can of high-gloss white spray paint to him.
And the eggs... all from the same baggy for $4.99
On my "Easter HomeGoods shopping spree" a couple days ago, I also got this "other" rabbit for $3.99....
Also spray painted him white (he was PINK!!) but he's kinda creeping me out a little.... Looks like one of those albino bunnies with beady red eyes that would attack you at a moments notice. Really, I dont know what it is but they always looks like they had 15 cups of coffee and are just WAY too aware of their surroundings... a little paranoid.
(Psycho sound effect) Ree-reee-reee-reee!!!
 Maybe I should use a red sharpie to complete the look... or maybe I should put down my margarita I'm drinking while writing this and stop acting like ceramic animals are out to attack....

ANYWAY, I'm also trying to add some fun frames to the kitchen... (please ignore the stack of clean, yes CLEAN, laundry in the background)... (Side note: my kitchen is not yellow... I'm just a bad photo editor.)
Putting up paper the same size as the frame is a little trick I used from my friends at Young House Love (we're actually Best Friends... or will be if we ever meet).

It's nice to just have paper and movable tape up to get things exactly where I want them before putting any holes in the wall.
Out of the 7 frames I have plans for, only three of them have actual things in them.
The first one, is this awesome Artichoke Patch I found on Etsy for $2.50.
Yes, its just a patch... that I framed... and I'm kinda in love with it.  Especially since Chris and I have a thing for artichokes.  Dunno why....

After I fell in love with my Artichoke, I found this AWESOME asparagus print on Etsy for $8.00 (...gasp... so pricey!!)
It's actually printed on a dictionary page which I think gives it some awesome depth/texture.  Not to mention we have a dog named Asparagus (Gus for short)....
Yea, I know, he's adorable... If I were one of those "Show Dog Mom's" I would totally pressure him to enter the cutest talent contest until he won, or burst into tears... Love that dog.

But back to the frames.

I also made this last night in my burlap frenzy.
Our last name starts with Y (... and ends with a very difficult Italian word which 99.9% of people do not know how to pronounce...) but lucky for us, it's a very pretty letter.

I just printed out a lower case American Typewriter front "y", traced it, used acrylic paint to color it in, and added a period because I'm sassy like that.

Apparently tracing letters and coloring them in makes me really proud of myself since I sent this to both Chris (he was out of town at the time) and my mom bragging about my talents and how I'm debating quitting my job to trace letters full time... both advised NOT to quit my day job.

What about you guys? Decorating yet? Easter? Jumping right over St. Patty's day? Giving up anything more difficult than Fried Food for Lent? (good luck)


  1. I, too, believe I need a burlap intervention. Or, to join Burlap Lovers Anonymous. Actually, no. That would be me admitting that there's a problem. But, I love my addiction to burlap! :)

    Love your Easter decorations. I'm making myself wait until March...

    1. hahaha I'm sure there are many of us that need "help" when it comes to our overwhelming love of burlap... Maybe we can make an online support group lol jk.

      I tried waiting until March for decorations, but since I was too busy with work and getting sick, I neglected Valentines decor altogether... I guess I'm making up for lost crafting time...

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love all the decorations! Burlap is amazing! where did you get those frames??

    1. HomeGoods!! All under $7 each! Wait till you see the other ones I got... they're all adorable.

  3. I love the term "crafting around" it describes that activity perfectly. I'm so impressed with all of your burlap craftiness:)

  4. Great stuff Samm! Its fun to read what you're up to. keep up the good work! and great seeing you in NYC last week.


    1. Turtle!! It was great seeing you as well!! I promise I'm working a lot too lol

  5. I'm loving your burlap fetish!! The framed "y" is so nice- and so are the other two framed prints! Can't wait to see your kitchen's gallery wall hung! Oh my gosh, your dog....what a cutie!!!! I'd trade you BOTH of mine for yours! Just kidding, I love mine too much...really....but my gosh, that fluffy white bundle of cuteness....haha. Anyways cute Easter decor too! I get excited about Easter too, but especially now....all my life (except for a brief 2 years in Vegas) I've lived in Florida so Easter time meant beach season was here. This has been my first winter living in Minnesota, however, so now I'm just SO ready for spring!!!

  6. I am so bad at being decorated really bad! Your sweet banner makes me happy...and how much do I love those bunnies and those fabulous eggs...and the idea to use burlap as "easter grass" is FABULOUS!

  7. Hi Samm!! I love burlap too - lets go to rehab together!! I really love how you made the little nests out of the burlap! So cute! Thanks for visiting my blog - I am following you back!! Heather @

  8. Wow, I love your stuff!! Thanks for popping by my blog today & leaving such a sweet comment.

    Have a happy weekend!


  9. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}!

  10. OOOH I love this post!! Everything in it! You are my newest burlap inspiration go to girl, lol! I am addicted too.. This just cracked me up. (best friends if we ever meet and the red eyed bunnies) You are hilarious. Oh and my wreath has sparked some interest on a few sites, they are doing series/party centered around it, look for that next Friday. Also I would love it if you join my craft linky party on Thursdays!
    Your newest follower,

    1. Thursdays? I'll be there! Thank you so much for your support!

  11. Loving all the burlap projects you showed. Btw, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) and for coming to the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  12. I love the pulled burlap - I never would have thought of that. It's like Easter grass without being so candy-coated.

    I also have empty frames hanging on the wall. Got them all arranged, can't decide what to put in them. Do people want to see 20 different photos of my dogs?

  13. You are so funny! I too have a burlap addiction...I once bought 50 lbs of burlap all at once. It may be a lifetime supply, we'll have to see! I loved the pulled burlap technique and I'm totally borrowing that for my Spring Mantel (I managed to eke out a St. Patty's day mantel but it's on it's way down because my daffodils are almost blooming!). I'll pray that you don't get attacked by inanimate ceramic rabbits in your sleep . . . . boy, that'd be a rough way to go. And good luck with your Lent sacrifice!

  14. What a cute blog you have! I love your spring decor. I'm also a burlap fanatic!

    New Linky follower and also a Texan!

    Look forward to more posts!

  15. I your banner new linky follower.

  16. Hi! Visiting from the spring mantel party at the delectable home. I love the way you coupled the rabbits with the eggs and gave them a little nest. Those eggs are the colors. The vase you used is gorgeous. You've created a very inviting area with the settee and mantel. I'm happy to be a new follower.

    sharon @ mrs. hines class


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