Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekly Garage Sale haul....

Gosh I love the summer!

The days are longer, the sun is out earlier, and the garage sales are better than ever.

Enter this past weekend.
 I found these awesome Pier 1 wicker chairs with cushions marked 4 for $75
 Talked 'em down to $50.


Chris and I had talked about getting more seating for the patio (like the AWESOME couch we found at a garage sale two weeks ago for $60) so we added two of the new chairs to see if it would go.
 hmm.... not sure.
They go "ok" with the couch, but when you see the big picture with our rocking chairs and little Pottery Barn chair/table set, it looks a bit... ummm... well, I guess just a bit to eclectic for our taste.
Too much going on? I dunno... they may grow on us.  We are actually having a garage sale ourselves in a couple weeks so they may join that pile too.  (Another plus about buying stuff at garage sales, SUPER easy to turn them around and resell them yourself!... Sometimes for a profit :-)

The next little item I found was at my last stop for the morning; an estate sale.

Estate Sale tip: As the sale progresses, most tend to run discounts per each day... ie Thursday (full price as marked), Friday (30% off), Saturday (half off!!)

Such was the case when I found this cedar chest/trunk.
 Marked $85, but with a Saturday 50% discount, only $42.50!

However, I only had $39 on me so put on my best pouty face and promised it would be going to a good home.  Sold.

Chris has been asking for something for the foot of the bed for a while (he doesnt like having to sit on the floor to put on his shoes... ... psh, so needy...) so I figured the trunk would work there (especially for $39!)
Sorry our room is so dirty and you can see my bra in the bottom left corner... this room needs a LOT of help, so dont judge it yet... we're getting there... and dont even get me started on Mt. Everest the top of Chris's dresser. If we ever have an earthquake here in Dallas and no one can get a hold of me for a couple days, chances are I'm trapped under the mounds of cozies, footballs, random Home Depot receipts, and wires to electronics that haven't been made since 1984.)
 Again, for some reason, it just didnt fit.

Don't get me wrong, its a very pretty piece...
 And I love the fact that its solid cedar...
Totally big enough to hid a dead body, random bras, beheaded dog toys, Chris's sweaty underwear, fluffy blankets...
Again, it may grow on us, but via Craigslist detective (aka. me) I saw how some are going for more than $300 for ones in good condition. If we could sell it, it could pay for something a little more suited for the space, but we'll see how it goes.

All in all, not a bad weekend.  Not everything found at garage sales will work 100% of the time, but the hunt (and the price) totally makes it worth it.

Did anyone else garage sale hunt this weekend? Has anyone else bought something they were super psyched about then got it home and it just didnt work? What do you guys think of the chairs/trunk? Yes? No?

I would love your feedback!!


  1. Our house is also a revolving door of chairs and tables. I buy them, change my mind, and resell them. I think your Pier One chairs are a fun addition. The cedar chest could be painted navy and may go a little better. Then again, if you can sell it for a good profit I say go for it!

  2. Amazing finds!!! I love yardsales but it seems I can't find much these days.


  3. I am seething with jealousy over your chairs!!!! 4 for $50? I see how the mix of styles kind of makes you feel a bit too ecclectic, but I think it works. You can spray wicker, can't you? Maybe if they were white you'd like them better...

    As for the trunk, I like it a lot! But again, I see your point. It's beautiful but not quite "right" for your room. And it would be a crying shame to paint that! I say sell it for a profit and find something that goes better :-)

  4. I love the chairs on the deck! What about spray painting them a color similar to the couch or maybe white? Then they would match your rocking chairs better?
    LOVE the trunk! I could totally see that a fun color as well... maybe a deep blue to match the blue in your bedding? Good finds!

  5. I actually think the chairs look great there. However, I think they could use maybe a painting to tie into your other items. You could go with a greyish color like the wicker sofa or bring something in from the other area and use white or I think even a blue like the seat cushions would look great.

    The cedar chest is a great piece too but maybe too big for that spot. I would look around and see where else you might could use it because they make for great storage. But, if all else fails I guarentee you could resell it for sure. Great piece!

    Awesome finds!


  6. I think the chairs would be fine but you should paint them! Maybe painting them the same color as some of the other furniture (white, maybe?) would help them tie in.

    As for the chest, they are always great to have. But like Melissa said - maybe too large. Or maybe if you put it on a rug because it's very similar to the color of your floor. Good luck!

  7. You did good!! Let me know when you go.. I'd love to tag along with you. Great cedar chest. I redid one a couple years ago. Stripped, sanded and stained. Yours looks in pretty great shape though. Awesome finds!!! Also, thanks for the tip on the rockers!! Darn rain!!


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