Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Date Night... aka. Marble & Granite Auction

Ok, maybe not Date "Night", but Date "Day Auction" sounds a bit "swinger-ie" for us... like we are looking for something besides tile and counter tops. (But if you're into that, its fine... to each their own...)

Anyway, as I posted last Friday, Chris and I go to this auction every time its in town, so it IS our sorta multi-annual date outing.  If it wasn't for the AC going out on us a couple weeks ago, we would actually be in prep mode to start redoing the kitchen... alas, we cant start that until we pay off the new AC in full (our goal is by the end of the year if we are really strict)

So as we drove up, we had to kept repeating to ourselves that we were "just looking"...
 sketchie? yea...

Beginning of a bad horror movie? Could be...
"They thought they were going to an marble and granite auction... but they were actually being lured to their doom...."
 I'm glad Chris and I have done this before because if this would have been the first time, I would have made Chris turn around.

However, once we got inside, we were greeted by one of the planners (a lady we talk to every time we go.  She even told us she hoped she would see us this auction and thought about us when they announced they were doing another auction in Dallas... awww we made friends!) so we felt right at home and started looking around.

First thing that caught my eye were these beautiful 12x12 marble tiles...
 Auction day, these went for $3.50 a sq ft... Chris and I thought they would look awesome in a bathroom.

Next were these psychedelic floor tiles.
 Wouldnt really work in our house, but pretty fun and funky... (sorry I dont know how much these went for :-(

Next were some counter-tops that I've had my eyes on since our first auction.
 Beautiful travertine (which would look AWESOME with our travertine tiles that are going to be on the floor).  But Chris said the fact that the counters arent sealed or polished means they can be really porous which would be trouble down the line.  (sigh)... I think these went for $250 for each 7ft slab.

  Next we found some more large, pretty tiles.
 I thought these would be pretty and bright in an entry way...  .. ... of that mansion we are someday going to own.

Chris was a fan of these large travertine tiles.
 Actually, now looking at the width of these, I think they are pavers... whatever they were, they were gorgeous... especially at a only $1 a sq ft.

Walking around, of course I wanted these.
 Sadly, I was vetoed by Chris... I mean COME ON CHRIS! What house DOESNT need two large burst on either side of the driveway?

Oh, and this sink to go with it....
 Going back to stuff that was a little more practical, I thought these travertine tile mosaics were really pretty.
 I liked the diamond pattern but wasn't too sure of how it would look with the tiles next to each other and grout in between.

We then started to look at some back-splash options.
I really liked the texture of these travertine subway tiles, but Chris added that they would be REALLY hard to clean if we ever got bacon grease or any food on them... (and of course we would)...

Same for these...
They had some other options of the travertine floors we actually bought last time...
However ours are 6x4 where these were 6x6 and 4x4... we're more into the rectangle look than the squares.

We also shopped around at a couple a counter options... Like this granite one.
At $185 a slab, I really liked these since they looked a lot lighter than everything else (our kitchen is so small, we need to keep it light and bright to make it look bigger).

I also really liked these POLISHED travertine slabs... only $200 each!
I then got detracted by something shiny rocky and totally adored the look of these rock sheets.
My mom put the multicolored ones in the guest bath shower and I think it looks awesome! Plus, it gives you a little mini foot massage while you are scrubbing up!  Honest question, does anyone know if you can install these in a bathtub? I don't know if that is a stupid question or not, I mean you are already working with a flat surface and I THINK they would hold, but I have no idea... If anyone does know, I would love for you to leave a comment below!

Chris also found these large stone slabs which would be an excellent fireplace accent.
My fear is that they would be too heavy... they are pretty though.

We were just about to leave, until I saw THIS and froze...
The heavens opened, the angels sang, and Chris said, "oh no, you saw it"... LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO HIDE IT!!!

True, I did made a big scene (squealed like a Bieber-loving-14-year-old, clapped my hands like a retarded seal, and ran over to give it a hug) but he still shouldn't have tried to hide them.

THIS is exactly what I want in our kitchen!
The white and grey tones would totally compliment our white cabinets and I think the marble look is sophisticated, elegant, and classic.

As if it were fate, we also found this marble tile back-splash...
And then I fainted.

Well, not really, but I tried my best to plead to Chris about how these counter tops and back-splash would complete my life and I would never ask for anything again as long as we were married.

Sadly, it didnt work.  He also reminded me of the $7,500 AC bill and we were NOT in the market for redoing our kitchen just yet.

I then tried to see if we could switch the topic by just getting ONE and doing the less expensive bathroom project first (using the counter as a bathroom vanity) and that ALMOST worked... But sadly went home empty handed.

If its fate, it will be there next time I guess.  The counters went for $250 a slab during the auction and the backsplash for $7.00 a sq ft.

Price wise, the counters (with 3 corners already bullnosed) would have been $17.58 a sq ft, before fabrication and installation.  Does anyone know how much that would cost?  I know a lot of place's prices include the stone, all cut work, and installation, but has anyone ever just bought the stone then gotten it installed?  If anyone has done this, I would love to know your take on the experience!

So what did you guys like best? The travertine flooring? My gorgeous marble counters? Or maybe you are into greek goddess busts?  Also, if you have any questions about the auction, I would love to help and answer as much as I can for you!

P.S- Don't forget! The Home Depot gift card giveaway is still going on and runs through Thursday night... Click HERE to enter!
P.P.S- Anyone worried about Marble being a "soft stone" or not being good for kitchens, please read THIS... It definitely put our minds at ease.


  1. Damn husbands! Why do they always have to be so practical! : ) (Okay, they are probably right most of the time, but I will never tell my husband that!)

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