Monday, December 3, 2012

Our digital floor plan

I'll admit it... our house layout is kinda weird... and extremely hard to explain ("oh you want to go to the back deck? Shoot through the Master, ignore the dirty clothes and unmade bed, and swing a right after the sunroom.... yea, you have to go through the Master... or my office and connect through the sunroom... ya know what, just wonder around until you find the only door that leads out there.  Its a small house; you'll be fine.")

This also makes it hard to explain to California family and my grandparents who aren't able to make it out to Dallas to see our place.

So, over the weekend, I googled "How to make a Digital floorplan" and landed on THIS article from Apartment Therapy.
 Which sent me to download the program SketchUp8 (the free verison)
Direct link to SketchUp HERE
I then attempted to measure the. entire. house....

(insert me running around in my PJ's with a measuring tape, pen, over-sized notebook (apparently I couldnt find anything smaller) and whispering to myself "ok 32 inches for a door, so that makes this 114 inches, but divide that 12, carry the two, add an inch to round up, oh sorry Gus, I didnt mean to step on you!, wait what was the measurement again?".... you can imagine how long this took)

But behold! Our floor plan!
The "c"s stand for closet... g/c - guest closet... m/c - master closets
This is just what I finished today during my lunch break, but Im so glad we have one of these now!!

However, as I look at it, I want to add a couple things like dimensions of  each wall, add where the fireplace is (aka that empty gap below the half bath), our front stoop, and the awesome back deck! (... and maybe a door going out to the back deck from the sunroom... how did I miss that? Oh well)

Overall using SketchUp was pretty easy based on trial and error.  They do have some video tutorials which I hear are pretty good if you are interested (found here) which I chose to ignore because of my "psh, I dont need a video telling me what to do" mentality, but in hindsight would have probably come in useful.

Have you guys ever tried to make a floor plan of your house?  What program did you use?  I would love to hear your suggestions!

If you have any questions that you want to ask about SketchUp (from a person who barely knows how to use it) I would do my best to try and help!



  1. Hi, I used one called Floorplanner. It so easy to use even my kids use it. You can add furnishings. I think you're only allowed a couple of plans before you have to pay for it.

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